13 Best Free Resources for Consultants

Resources for Consultants

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Every business wants to grow and increase their employee’s work performance, so they hire consultants. The training consultants need to be sure whether their training is practical. The job of a consultant is to ensure that employees are learning new techniques and performing well. Therefore, consultants also need to be equipped with the necessary tools to ensure the effectiveness of their work.

This article highlights a few essential resources for consultants:



It is basically a mobile-friendly application that takes care of all your training needs. It offers a free course library where you can get hundreds of free courses and edit them according to your expertise. With the help of the Authoring Tool of EdApp, you can also create and design courses that can help others. The LMS system of EdApp provides ease to the users. It helps streamline the entire process of learning and getting the training techniques.

Pricing: Free of cost

Key features: Template library, Course library, analytics & reporting


GoSkills is a free application that manages all your training needs in one specific place. It allows you to create your own courses on the provided platform. It also allows you to import the existing courses if you have any. It also gives motivation through coins, daily streak goals, status tiers, etc. It provides easy-to-comprehend reports and also checks your learner’s progress. 

Pricing: Free

Key features: Entire Course library, gamification, reporting & tracking


Arist is considered a unique training tool that uses text messages for training. It claims to increase the learner’s engagement and task completion rate. The text-based courses are super easy to create, and you can add questions, quizzes, images, etc., as per your preference. The completion rate and user data can also be easily stored via Arist. 

Pricing: Free and paid plans

Key features: Course builder, text courses, along with comprehensive analytics


Being an independent consultant is a lot of work. You have to manage your bookkeeping and accounting to run the financial evaluations of companies smoothly. To run a smooth process, you need to be an Excel master. Chandoo helps you as a consultant here. It is a free website where you can use resources and templates and learn the basic and advanced level Excel courses.


As the name suggests, it is a consulting magazine that is continuously updated to share with you the latest trends. The website updates the journals related to consulting, company profiles, informative seminars, and potential jobs too. 


Feedly is a really informative website that shares insights from new blogs and website material you have flagged for later reading. It is a super efficient and easy way of staying up to date with the world news and client updates too.


CaseInterview.Com is a perfect place for a consultant who needs to brush up on interview and pitch skills. This website offers case interview tips, coaching, videos, coaching resources, and articles. 


It is an online consulting platform for consultants. Consultants can read consultation-related material and blogs here to find exciting projects to consult. The website offers several helpful tools, courses, and other articles that can greatly help you. 


SlideShare is also a website where different people upload their slides and documents on any topic of their choice. All the uploaded presentations provide a detailed summary of a specific topic. It is a great place to go and learn about any specific area for consultants.

Killer Consultant 

If you are looking for a casual blog to dive deep into consultancy, Killer Consultant is here to help. This website helps you keep things exciting and fun. The website won’t let you feel that you are intentionally trying to understand a phenomenon or learning something. It is free of cost. 

Management Consultant 

This particular blog website is all about consultancy. All sorts of consultancy materials are uploaded here. If you want to improve your consultancy skills or search for job opportunities, this blog suite will greatly help you.

Troy Dean’s Blog

He is a digital marketer, voice-acting extraordinaire, and consultant. It runs a fantastic blog for entrepreneurs and consultants. He updates the blog with valuable tips, advice, and strategies to shine your consultancy work. It is free of cost. 

Women In Consulting

It is a full networking and learning experience that helps you grow and learn professionally as a consultant. It provides valuable articles and a strong community that tries to help each other and succeeds. It is free of cost. 


The consultancy business is growing with each passing day. New trends are coming in this business, and the consultants need to use new blogs and magazines to keep themselves updated. You can choose any online course or resource from the above list to brighten up your consultant business. This comprehensive list will help you know the many things that can help you with your go-to resource. 

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