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Are you burdened with the workload as a contractor? You can get help from the resources for contractors that are free of cost. These resources can help you to maintain, calculate, track and organize your work activities.

Contractors can take information from online guides, manage work through management software and do calculations through online calculators. So, free resources can help a contractor in many ways. However, all the free resources are not helpful, so our team has listed some best free resources for contractors.

Do the Top Ranked Contractors Use Free Resources?

Top-ranked contractors use the free resources because the free resources help a contractor get a competitive edge by increasing their productivity. Top-ranked contractors also do their work fastly by automating their tasks through free resources.

There are several informative blogs and guides on the internet. Why not take help from them to make your daily activities more efficient? That’s what the top-ranked contractors do: they work smartly to get a competitive edge.

Free Apps for Contractors


Fieldwire mobile application helps contractors in on-site and off-site work activities. Users can view the work details and deadlines during the fieldwork to ensure the accuracy of work activities. 

Fieldwire is useful for displaying blueprints, task details and files, and users can also track their daily tasks. Contractors can manage their projects by making task lists, setting priorities, and comparing the task details. 

Contractors can also share the work details with their team in images and drawings. Fieldwire allows contractors to ping a worker with the app notification.


Contractors work on different sites. They can’t maintain a record related to nearby gas resources of every site. GasBuddy solves this issue; it is a mobile application that provides you updates about nearby gas stations and all the necessary details.

It enables the users to check nearby gas stations, identify the cheapest and nearest one, and calculate the estimated distance to the nearest gas station.

All-In-One Calculator Free

All-In-One Calculator free is a mobile application. It is a calculator with the most amazing calculating features. Contractors can do various instant currency exchange calculations and unit conversion calculations.

This application also helps the contractors perform on-site calculations like length and width for flooring, fencing and painting. It also helps to perform basic calculations like area, percentage, proportion, and volume.

Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk helps contractors to improve their on-site work experience. It enables the digital handling of various on-site tasks, including safety management, quality assurance, data management and building information management(BIM).

It helps the contractors align their team’s activities and supervise the quality control process throughout the project. This application has a simple interface that allows the contractors to access the quick reports easily.

Building Calculator

Building Calculator’s name shows that it is not an ordinary calculator; it is a unique calculator for contractors. This calculator helps the contractors to estimate and calculate the material needed for a project.

A contractor can calculate the estimated quantity of bricks, paint and marble. It also enables the users to calculate the volume of construction material like concrete. Mobile users can use this application offline, and there is no ad interruption while using this app.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT is another mobile application that allows you to do construction calculations and reference material. An ordinary contractor can use it as it has a simple interface with unique features.

It allows the contractors to do the calculations and share the calculated numerics with their team members. Contractors can save the numerics for later use and add an essential calculation report in the favorite section to access it instantly.


Procore is one of the most useful applications for contractors. Contractors can use this app to manage time schedules, daily task lists, task assignments, deadline management, report sharing, etc.

Even users can use it offline to manage their tasks. Contractors also share photos and drawings with their team through the Procore mobile app.


Contractors can enhance their team’s productivity by keeping them updated with daily drawings, pictures and reports about daily activities. PlanGrid is a free resource that can help you to view and share blueprints. Contractors can use this application on android and apple phones.


Canvas enables the users to do all the documentation on their mobile phones. Contractors can create and fill out several work-related forms through this app.

Users can save and share the work reports. Contractors can make their work-related estimates and note them instantly through the canvas.

Punch List and Site Audit Report

This mobile application is similar to Fieldwire, with some minor differences. Site audits become more straightforward with the help of project reports. Contractors can audit their projects using information recorded on the application.

It helps to create, share and download punch lists. Users can generate punch lists of daily tasks, which helps in quality assurance. Users can also meet deadlines efficiently through better coordination through this mobile app.

Free Blogs

Builder Magazine

Contractors must keep themselves updated about the buildings and construction information. For this purpose, builder magazine is the best informative site for contractors. Besides a blog, it is an excellent source of information that includes inspirational interviews related to buildings and construction.

Building Design Plus Construction

Do you want to keep yourself updated about market trends and news? If yes, then this blog is perfect for you. It keeps uploading market changes, construction-related news and construction project news. It is an ultimate source of information for contractors, and they can also get a hard copy by subscribing to the magazine.

Construction Enquirer

It is a highly informative blog for contractors. It publishes informative articles and news. Contractors can also get information about new market trends, industrial conditions, and progress reports. 

They describe the facts in a unique way that will help you brainstorm ideas for your upcoming projects.

Other Free Resources

The jobsite

If you seek guidance or career counselling, then this website can be helpful for you. Experts try to answer all your philosophical questions as soon as possible. 

They guide you on how to kickstart your career. And give the tips and tricks if you are launching a new construction company.

Procore’s Educational Site

You can find comprehensive material related to construction education on this website. It is a website for students to get study material, notes, courses and presentations. The study material can help students and professionals to work efficiently.


Contractors can use the free resources to get a competitive advantage. They can visit informative websites to update themselves on construction industry news and trends. Different mobile applications are also helpful in automating the daily tasks of contractors that will help them save time, effort and cost.

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