Best Free Resources for Ghostwriters

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A ghostwriter needs to stay productive; some tools are really helpful. This article will highlight some important tools that a ghostwriter can use effectively.


Dragon Professional

This software keeps adapting your voice as you go along. It allows you to dictate 3X faster than typing. The interface is easy, and it starts turning your voice into text within seconds. It is made for all professionals in any field to create high-quality documentation by voice. 

Appointment Book Planner

You can use any online available appointment planner or a diary planner. It helps you keep things organised in the best possible way. Otherwise, a person can get distracted and even forget the important schedules of the day. 


AutoCrit offers a wonderful online editing suite that guides your writing at each step. It helps you write better dialogues, eliminate extra dialogues, and perfect your pacing. You select a specific genre and enjoy the free step-by-step recommendations for improving your script. 

Consistency Checker

This is a wonderful tool that helps you find your mistakes. The writer sometimes overlooks spelling mistakes, but this software does not skip any errors. This basically checks for the consistency of the editing and then suggests the suitable word. 


You can easily access this editing, collaborating, and publishing tool using your own browser. Every contributor’s changes are shown in different styles and colours for you to accept or reject it. It also allows you to import contacts from Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox. 

Hemingway Editor

It is a super convenient and distraction-free software that offers a clear display to write and edit your work. You can easily pick the point of the mistakes because it shows you are writing clearly and boldly.


This tool is really helpful in improving vocabulary and prose. It enriches your writing by suggesting suitable synonyms, rhyming words, idioms, phrases, etc. 

Marinara Timer

It is a perfect time management application that helps you with productivity and consistency. It helps you work for 25 straight minutes, take a break for 5 minutes, and then wear the same process until you want to work. 

Word Hippo 

It is a really useful tool for writing. If you are repeating the words repeatedly and still cannot figure out a new word, then Word Hippo is helpful. It helps you think of new words and replaces them without stress.


Fotor is an excellent tool for creating images. It helps create blog images, book covers, social media images, and more. It offers various samples and templates, including logos, ads, posters, graphic designs, etc.


Grammarly is a must for every writer. A human is prone to making mistakes. Therefore, you can take help from Grammarly, which serves as your work’s second reader. It proofreads your work in the best possible way and suggests different changes to make it look perfect.


It is a wonderful tool for creating books and helps you map, outline, compose, research, and edit your long-form jobs. It helps you in every step of writing. It is also used by many novelists, screenwriters, and nonfiction writers.

 Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a must for every ghostwriter; it helps you keep on track with your client. You can see the calendar anytime to see the available slots. It helps you in delegating access to any other user. Google Calendar takes special care of privacy settings. Therefore your stuff stays safe and confidential until and unless you give access to someone yourself. 


It is a wonderful free tool that many businessmen use. It allows you to start a free audio or video call with your client. You can contact anyone living anywhere in the world.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the safest places to store your important data. You can update the files here instead of sending them via email to the client time and again. It also allows you to share files and documents with others worldwide.

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