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Do you want to be creative with your podcasts? There are several free resources for podcasters that can help them to boost their creativity and productivity. 

A podcaster’s career is complex and exciting at the same time. Then why not make it more interesting by trying innovative ideas. After all, podcasts should be informative and entertaining for the audience. 

Our team has searched out the best free resources for podcasters, elaborated below with the necessary details.

How Can Podcasters Use the Free Resources?

Free resources are free guides, software, and content that can help you in your podcasting journey. 

All these things help the podcasters to improve and polish their skills. Even a single informative article can change your way of thinking about podcasting. 

So, free resources help podcasters to be more productive and efficient. Some resources help podcasters to do their work quickly and smoothly. At the same time, other free resources enable the podcasters to manage their ideas and help them to work efficiently.

Free Resources for Planning and Preparation


Usage: Collaborating, Writing 

Podcasters take either structured interviews or non-structured interviews. Structured interviews need a proper script, and podcasters also write an outline of some non-structured interviews that prevents them from doing off-topic discussions. 

WriterDuet enables the podcasters to write scripts and podcasting ideas. Sometimes co-hosts and guests also participate in script approval and scriptwriting. So, WriterDuet helps them collaborate and allows each party to work on the script of a podcast.

WriterDuet allows the users to do video calls, text discussions, and note sharing that help to plan and prepare podcasts.


Usage: Scheduling

Doodle is one of the best scheduling apps for podcasters. It takes you, your co-hosts and your guests on the same page. Doodle also checks the availability of each party on a specific date and helps you to conduct podcasts on a particular date.

Doodle also integrates with your calendar to manage all your events seamlessly. It automatically updates the date of the interviews on the calendar. 


Usage: Writing, Drafting ideas

Evernote can be a beneficial tool for podcasters to help them in the planning process. Podcasters usually draft the ideas that came from brainstorming. Evernote enables podcasters to make notes of random thoughts instantly. 

Podcasters can summarise their random Evernote ideas to make an actionable plan. They can also create different folders for every project to manage their random thoughts.

Free Resources for Podcasts

Google Voice

Usage: Voice call recording

Google Voice enables you to record incoming calls. Podcasters can record on-the-call discussions with guests for podcast preparation, i.e. script writing. 

Some podcasters also do the small voice podcasts on voice calls; they edit and upload podcasts in mp3 versions. Google voice is perfect for these low-budget and quick podcasts. However, Google Voice only records incoming calls.


Usage: Interviewing, hosting

Skype is the most common application for podcasters. It is helpful for the podcasters who take online interviews. Podcasters can use this application on PCs, tablets and mobile phones to take interviews, host or co-host an interview. 

This application keeps you connected with guests and co-hosts. Podcasters can record audio and videos of the interviews, and they can save it to edit and publish. 


Usage: Voicemailing

Podcasters can make the interviews engaging by adding audience comments and questions. SimpleVoiceBox allows podcasters to do so. Podcasters can receive unlimited messages and calls with the help of this tool. 

SimpleVoiceBox enables the users to download unlimited listeners’ messages and make them a part of a podcast.

Soft Furniture

Usage: Sound damping ideas

It is a guide to improving the quality of sound in the podcast. Arthur has elaborated some useful hacks to get a professional-quality sound in your podcasts. 

It is mainly for the podcaster who can’t afford expensive equipment to manage the sound quality. Arthur elaborated that soft furniture can help you manage the echo and other sound effects.

Google Hangouts On Air

Usage: Live-interviews

This tool is helpful for podcasters who take live interviews. Podcasters can invite up to ten guests, including the co-hosts, in the live session. The discussion will be live, and podcasters can get a video file of the interview.

Free Resources for Editing


Usage: Editing and recording

GarageBand is a tool for podcasting with comprehensive editing and recording features. It enables the users to cut and add short clips in the podcast to make it more engaging. Users can also add different sounds and screen effects.

GarageBand enables the users to record the podcast. So the podcasters can record and edit the podcast with the same tool.


Usage: Managing audio quality

This tool helps get the desired sound quality of a podcast. Users can adjust echo, base and other sound effects. Podcasters can also add sound effects and music to make the podcast engaging. Users can also change the volume of added and original sounds to make the background sounds minimal.


Usage: adding free music and sound effects

Freesound is a collection of free music and free sound effects. The sound effects add an attractive element to the boring conversation. Many artists consider using innovative sound effects to make their podcasts more engaging. However, you must check whether a particular sound effect is available for commercial use or not.

Final Words

No doubt you can podcast like a pro if you adapt some tips and tricks. Through this article, podcasters can find some ways to do podcasting on a low budget. Free resources for podcasters can help you a lot in your podcasting career. 

You have to select the free resources according to your compatibility. Once you start using them, you will get familiar with them, and you will be able to handle your podcasts like a professional podcaster.

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