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What plays a vital role in making an attractive video? It is none other than videography tools. You must have observed that the quality of video editing speaks loudly about the video’s overall quality. 

The Internet is full of tools and software that help a videographer from pre-shooting to post-shooting activities. However, not all free tools provide high-quality features. So, our team has listed out some best free resources for videographers. 

How do Professionals Edit Videos for Free?

Several free tools provide high-quality editing features; professionals use these tools to edit their videos. The problem usually arises that not all free tools offer comprehensive editing features. So, most videographers use multiple free tools for videography.

Each videography tool has different specifications and features. So, video professionals choose the free resources by keeping in view their essential requirements. 

Free Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Rush

Are you looking for a simple and user-friendly video editing tool? Here comes adobe premiere rush, which provides all the basic video editing features for free. 

This tool lets you add lights, text, effects and images to the video. Its free templates are perfect for editing videos quickly, and presets also help the users. So, the users can edit a video and upload it on any site instantly.


Isn’t it perfect to have all the basic editing features for free? OpenShot is one of the best free online resources for video professionals. It has a simple interface that any intermediate videographer can handle easily.

This tool helps the users to add images, titles and transitions to the videos effortlessly. The drag and drop option of this tool is perfect for easy editing. Free templates are also available to add customized labels to videos. 


It is a free video editing tool with advanced editing features. Those looking for a perfect 3D video editor can make this software part of their job. Blender provides fast rendering with a neat finishing.

Blender offers multiple video effects that give a creative look to your video projects. It also enables editing and animating your videos, which is a perfect feature for animation lovers.


Are you a beginner videographer? Canva is a perfect free software for beginner videographers. Canva helps the videographers to learn video editing and grow their career as video professionals.

Canva is a free editing tool but gives a professional look to your videos. Users can use this software to edit their personal and promotional videos. Canva’s free templates are perfect for quick edits. However, you can use several features, including video slides, to give your videos a great finishing look.

VideoPad Video Editor

It is a good video editing software. It provides a simple combination of features that are essential for basic editing.

The paid version of this tool is available with advanced features, and the free version is not available for commercial use. The free features of this software can help a lot in the basic level of video editing.

Microsoft Movie Maker

This tool transforms your simple videos into a professional video project that can be used for promotional purposes. Many video professionals use this tool to edit their simple video projects. The main features of this software include image adding, audio and text editing. 

MovieMaker Online

One of its remarkable features is that it has an easy-to-use interface with some fantastic features. Users can shape their random images and transform them into promotional videos. Users can also add images, audio, and video clips to a video project, to give it an excellent finishing. Videographers can use this tool in their simple and small commercial projects.

Free Stock Videos

Pexels Video

Pexels video provides free stock videos on their website. This platform was previously known for free stock photos, but now they have launched their free stock videos. 

Videographers need short clips and videos to emphasize several objects or make their editing look better. So, videographers can use these free stock videos to complete their video projects. Videos on several niches, including lifestyle, animals, technology and life, are available on this platform.


You can visit videezy to get some high-quality video clips to edit your videos. All the videos are available on videezy for free. 

Users can find a nice collection of videos to make promotional and personal video edits. All the videos are high resolution and enough to add a professional look to your video projects.

xStock Video

xStock video has a handsome collection of videos available on the website that are free to use. Some videos seek video credits if you use the video. So it is essential to analyze these details before using a video clip. However, it adds significant value to your videos by giving them a professional look.


Videovo is considered a platform that provides a comprehensive collection of videos and motion graphics. Video professionals can use these videos to make their edits look perfect and professional.

Videographers can quickly obtain a video clip on videvo to edit videos. Although all the videos on the website are licensed and seek video credits if they are used.

Free Plugins

AE Flame

AE flame is a useful plugin for video professionals that add effects to the videos. It fulfils the basic post-shooting needs of video professionals and adds a pleasing look to a video. It makes a video ready to submit and use.

DaVinci Resolve 9

Do you need fantastic post-shooting editing software? Videographers can use this software to edit the videos and correct the videos’ colors. This tool can help you to give your video projects an excellent finishing.


This software is used for time management and time calculation. Users can track the time of videos, including billing hours. So this tool helps to manage the time scheduling of videos and follow the time management record for videographers and video professionals.

Final Thoughts

There are no two opinions that some highly featured software is available for free. Videographers can use these free resources to learn and grow. Once a videographer knows about the editing tools, it will take a few minutes to get a free resource on board and make the videos presentable. 

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