11 Best Free Resources for Wedding Planners

11 Best Free Resources for Wedding Planners

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Wedding planners can work effectively by simplifying their activities using free resources. Many wedding planners use paid software to enhance their productivity. What about a beginner wedding planner or someone who works on a low budget? So we have researched the best free resources for wedding planners.

Wedding planners assume that free resources are not as worthy as paid ones are. Our team members put their heads together to find some best resources for wedding planners worth using. 

How To Select the Right Wedding Planning Tool?

Try to select a tool that matches your intuition level. Do not choose a very complex and difficult-to-use software for yourself. You should also keep in mind your work requirements. To evaluate the tools by their features, keep in mind such questions:

  • Does it have all the features that support my work requirements?
  • Is it easy to use for me?
  • Is it supported by the device that I have?
  • Can I increase my productivity by using this tool?

Social Tables

Dominating feature: 3D designing for wedding planning

Supported by: PC, Android and iOS

Social Tables is a comprehensive software for wedding planning. It offers seamless collaboration, seat planning and 3D diagramming. It also enables wedding planners to search wedding venues.

To select a perfect venue, wedding planners can draw 3D plans online. They can manage seat numbers, size of seats and colors. Social Tables enables wedding planners to arrange the event with customized equipment. 


Dominating feature: RSVP module

Supported by: PC and iOS

EventCreate is not mainly for weddings but enables every user to organize any event. However, wedding planners can make their job way simpler with EventCreate. It allows the users to make their wedding website.

Wedding planners can add all the wedding details on a single interface. Wedding planners can collaborate with hosts and invitees by generating a unique URL. 

EvertCreate makes the wedding planning process faster by enabling wedding planners to plan, organize seat plans and take approvals from hosts on a single platform. It also offers a built-in RSVP module to send invites. After the wedding, wedding planners can share pictures and videos with all the guests.


Dominating feature: Collaborate with RSVPs with customized forms

Supported by: PC, android and iOS

Wedding planners can increase their productivity by efficiently handling the whole wedding planning process. They can use RSVPify to collaborate with RSVPs, send invitees and collect relevant information.

Wedding planners can generate customized forms to obtain RSVP information. RSVPify offers several templates to make quick edits and send the wedding information to invitees. It also enables the users to make calls and send emails.


Dominating feature: Get matching equipment

Supported by: PC and iOS

Minted offers some exciting features, including website creation for a wedding. Wedding planners can get invitation templates, stationery and other equipment that matches the website theme. 

Minted also offers standard features like RSVP tracking, guest lists, and unique URL creation. With the unique link, wedding planners can take the hosts on board to discuss the plans.

All Seated

Dominating Feature: Manage seat plans

Supported by: PC, android, iOS

It helps the wedding planners to manage the sitting plan. Users can generate the venue layouts to understand the seating arrangements better. 

Wedding planners can quickly collaborate with hosts and stakeholders to organize and source wedding equipment. All Seated is perfect for typical and ordinary weddings. However, this tool may not help wedding planners who want to plan unusual activities and complicated venue structures.


Dominating feature: Budget division

Supported by: PC, android and iOS

Are you a UK-based wedding planner? If yes, then this website can be beneficial for you. Wedding planners can create unique wedding planning lists, budget planning and equipment searching on a single platform.

Bridebook also automates the budget division. You must enter the overall budget amount, and Bridebook will automatically divide it into your to-do list. However, you can edit it according to the requirements.


Dominating feature: Playlist creation

Supported by: PC, android and iOS

Spotify helps wedding planners to create unique playlists for background music and dance floor essentials. Wedding planners can also search trending music and the latest songs for weddings. It also enables the wedding planners to play music at weddings through the favorite songs list instantly. 

Google Drive

Dominating feature: Writing, sharing and managing information

Supported by: PC, android, iOS

Google Drive is perfect for compiling things and sharing them with hosts. Wedding planners need to organize their data relevant to each event; they can do it on Google Drive. 

Its primary feature is that a wedding planner can plan several events simultaneously by creating guest lists, to-do lists and budget planning on the spreadsheet.


Dominating feature: Money transfer across the border

Supported by: PC, android, iOS

TransferWise is a money transfer platform. Professional wedding planners use this platform to make international payments. 

Destination weddings are very common nowadays, and wedding planners need to source equipment, venue selection and many other things internationally. Paypal and other money transfer platforms charge high fees. So TransferWise is a perfect choice for professional wedding planners.


Dominating feature: Note down the ideas from brainstorming 

Supported by: PC, android, iOS

MindMap helps wedding planners to note random ideas while brainstorming. Wedding planners can also make rough plans on it, which can help them to make an actionable plan. 

Checklist creation on Mindmap also makes things easier. This tool allows wedding planners to generate guest lists, equipment lists, arrangements, and possible venue lists.


Dominating feature: Wedding website development

Supported by: PC, android and iOS

Joy makes the wedding planning process more manageable, and it also brings exciting factors to the planning process. Joy enabled the wedding planners to generate a wedding website for weddings. 

You don’t need to spend hours designing and implementing wedding website ideas. Joy provides some unique built-in website creation templates that make the process faster and easier. By making soft invitations and customized guest lists, wedding planners can also eliminate paper invitations.


Wedding planners can increase their productivity, minimize complexity and make their work faster and easier through some free-of-cost resources. Wedding planners can use a single or multiple software to fulfil their requirements. So, it’s no more challenging to plan a perfect wedding. 

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