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Journalism is all about sourcing news, articles, information, photos and videos, which leads to the complexity of sourcing and handling data. Then, why shouldn’t you simplify the process by trying some best resources for journalists? 

A single source is never enough to obtain information, and studying multiple sources of information is a complex task. So we have piled up various best resources for journalists that will help organize the information, source the authentic information, and make communication easier and faster.

What are the Resources for Journalism?

Several resources can help journalists in different ways. Resources could be software, blogs, tools, mobile apps or guides that can help journalists in their job.

The objective is to make the best combination of resources with your skills to optimize the productivity level. Trust me! Finding a perfect resource according to your needs, skills, and work requirements would help you throughout your career.

Let’s discuss some best resources for journalists.


We all know that all the photos on the internet are not authentic. Research says that more than 60% of fake news and fake photos are shared on the internet daily. However, TinEye enables the journalists to check the source of any image.

Journalists can use TinEye for image recognition, which helps them to drive an authentic photo. A photo is considered the face of news, so attaching a genuine photo can make you more trustworthy. 


Journalists receive information in various forms. Sometimes the actual piece of information is surrounded by unnecessary details, and sometimes information is in PDF form that needs to be converted into MS word files. 

Tabula helps to extract data from PDF files. All you have to do is select rows and columns and let the tabula extract the desired piece of information successfully.


StoryMap.js helps journalists to make their news stories more effective by generating story maps. It lets you integrate information in different forms to create a story map by identifying the location.

StoryMap creates engaging content that gives options like swipe and pops-up windows to deliver the details. Journalists use StoryMap.js according to the requirement of content (not all types of content need story maps).


Visualization made the content clear, creative and engaging. Journalists can create exciting content by adding eye-catching objects to news and articles. Flourish helps the journalists to add photos, charts, tables and story map to make things effective.

Flourish also provides templates that enable journalists to edit their content quickly. Journalists can also create complex information simpler by adding visual details. is not mainly for journalists; however, it can help journalists in many ways. It enables the journalists to share screens with their team members to work together on generating content.

Journalists usually need approval before posting any content. So journalists can also use to take soft approval from higher management by sharing screens. It helps journalists to integrate with co-workers and management. 

Google Search

Google is the most common source for journalists, and each one must already use it. Although most journalists are using google, if journalists learn some advanced google searching tricks, they can quickly obtain authentic, unique, and reliable content. Journalists can also integrate their operations through google. 


Like Google, Twitter is also used by almost all journalists to keep themselves updated about current affairs. However, Twitter is more useful with tools like Tweetdeck.

Journalists can view the following accounts simultaneously through this tool. These tools also display the lists of Twitter chats and required content.

Journalists can get star news and politician tweets to create their news stories. Journalists can also bookmark and save the content for producing news stories.


Camera+ is a mobile application with more advanced features than the original smartphone’s camera app. Journalists can give a professional touch to their random videos through Camera+. 

It offers speed adjustment features and macro options. It helps the journalists to add high-quality videos to their stories. It is also handy because it is a mobile application, and it can fulfil the needs of professional cameras in many places.


Journalists can conveniently transcribe the interviews using oTranscribe. Transcribing is a boring and sometimes lengthy task, but oTranscibe provides some exciting features that will help you speed up the process.

It allows you to pause, rewind and forward the audio simultaneously. So journalists can handle the video or audio without taking their hands off the keyboard, and they can do it in a single interface.


Journalists can filter out the content from the internet through Echosec. One of its primary features is that you can draw boundaries around the area you want to filter out, and Echosec will give that area results.

Echosec also offers filters like the specific author, specific source and page. In this way, journalists can get content from the desired place and the author.

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