17 Best Resources for UX Designers

Best Resources for UX Designers

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A UX designer is responsible for everything starting from scratch. It gets hard for a UX designer to keep pace. Therefore, using a few essential tools is important to make the work easier and better. 


Best Resources for UX Designers

Smashing Magazine

Web designers and web developers can get a lot from this website. It is a full package of professional web designing. There is a separate section of UX designs where you can find different tips, techniques, guidelines, and many case studies that can help you in your field. 


Are you always in need of useful content with clarity? If yes, then UXPin is the best option for you. UXPin offers interesting and informative content on wireframing, mobile prototyping, web prototyping, usability testing, design process, project management, and more. The FREEBIES section of this website is a treasure box of designs and ebooks.

UX Magazine

UX Magazine is an all-in-all place where you will find lots of information related to UX designs. The content covers all aspects with stepwise instructions, suggestions, and user experiences.

Neilson Norman Group

It is basically a firm based on Veteran user experiences. This firm offers hundreds of research articles and journals based on real-life experiences.

UX Booth

If you want to make the web a better place and provide an excellent experience to the viewers, then this website will help you a lot. This website includes the details for and by the user experience community. 

A List Apart

This is a really popular website that is helpful for UX designers. It includes all the details of design, web content, development, etc. this website sheds light on the best web practices and standards.

UX Movement

UX movement provides an excellent experience for UX designers. It helps the designers in improving their user interfaces. This website provides different paths and ways for designers in order to be creative.

52 Weeks of UX

As the title suggests, this website is loaded with various articles. One article is uploaded every week for a whole year by Joshua Brewer and Joshua Porter.

Usability Geek

Thai websites are richer in content than other websites about UX. This website covers various topics ranging from UX to conversion and optimization.

Usability Post

This blog is run by Dmitry Fadeyev, a designer, developer, and blogger. He writes about the UX and its usability. The content covers different topics of UX that are backed up with examples.


This really informative and interesting website keeps the UX designer updated. It has a huge collection of books, blogs, links, events, and tools which keep you updated about User Experience Design.

Design Matters Podcast 

This is the world’s first podcast by Devvie Millman. It puts you into a new creative world where you get to know different designers, artists, writers, musicians, and other intellectuals.

Ruined by Design

This wonderful book showcases the designers’ work, their mistakes, and how they fixed it creatively. This book will make you furious and calm you down with the best tactics. 

How to Make Sense of Any Mess

This is a detailed book by Abby Covert about designing. This book covers the stepwise process of the messes made of the information and also people. It is also fully equipped with a hyperlink-enabled lexicon. 

Don’t Make me Think Revisited

This book by Steve Krug is a classical book that was originally published in 2000. This book talks about good websites and applications that let users accomplish their tasks easily and well in time.

The Design of Everyday Things

This book by Donald Norman is a best-selling because it is written by a cognitive scientist and a usability engineer. This book tells how designs communicate between the user and the object. Moreover, this book sheds light on how designers can create a delightful experience.

Conversational Design

This book by Erika Hall talks about the intricacies of design and designing art. This book helps you know the human interface. Moreover, it discusses the need to create the best model for creating and developing more human-centered designs. 

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