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Best Software For Attorneys

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Legal Files

If you need to see any case in detail or from a specific angle, then Legal Files is going to help you a lot. The basic features of Legal Files include response tracking, note-taking, report generation, docketing, messaging and scheduling. 

Legal Files doesn’t offer a free trial to the users, but it offers a free demo. Moreover, it is only available for Apple users. It may be available for Android users in the near future. The Legal Files doesn’t show their prices on their website, so you can directly contact their sales team for the pricing details. 


Clio is one of the best cloud-based software for law. It provides many exciting features like management features – time, billing and client management in all the areas of legal practice for attorneys. It offers essential features like scheduling, time tracking, document management and accounting. It integrates with widely used applications like Outlook, Google Calendar, Quickbooks etc. 

The helpline of Clip is quite fast, so you can reach them for any queries within seconds. Clio offers a free trial leading to the paid version that costs between $39 to $120 per month. Moreover, Clio also supports Android and iOS versions.

Zola Suite

Zola Suite has a user-friendly and convenient interface. It offers a reasonable solution to the case and time management. Zola Suite offers several features like build-in emails, bulk billing, document management, accounting tasks and task management etc. It has integrations with DropBox, Quickbooks and LawPay. 

Zola Suite offers a free trial which is followed by a paid version that starts at $59 per month for each user only if paid annually. Moreover, it is available for both Apple and Android devices. Several videos are available on youtube and websites to help new users understand its interface. 


MyCase is basically a web-based legal software which helps you keep all your case files in one secure place. It provides a multiple billing solution for the attorneys for better client communication. The legal marketing tools provided in MyCase help the attorneys in practising further to grow in their field. 

MyCase offers a free trial which is then followed by a paid plan of $39 per month (if paid annually). The price increases up to $49 if you pay monthly; it supports both iOS and Android devices. There are several different articles on using MyCase. Moreover, MyCase schedules a webinar regularly to talk about the newly introduced features. The support team of MyCase is available from 6 AM to 5 PM (PST).


CosmoLex is a cloud-based practice management software. It allows you to manage your work easily. It provides features like scheduling, email management, case workflow, accounting tasks and a full-fledged client portal. 

CosmoLex arranges weekly and monthly webinars to introduce new features and provide video tutorials for new users. CosmoLex offers a free trial which is followed by reasonable pricing of $59 per month (if paid annually) and $69 if paid monthly. Moreover, CosmoLex is available for both Android and Apple devices. 


Bill4Time is a user-friendly legal software available for attorneys. It integrates with PayPal, UpTime, Outlook, Quickbooks, and much more. The main features of Bill4Time include billing, tracking and complete case management. Bill4Time doesn’t have the feature of contract management, due to which many attorneys hesitate to use it.

It offers a free trial, which is followed by a monthly plan of $27 per month for each user. Moreover, it is available for both Apple and Android devices. Several videos are available on the website to help new users get used to it. Users can also contact the support team of Bill4Time via email or phone. 

Practice Panther

PracticePanther is powerful yet easy-to-use legal software. There is a long list of the features that this software offers. This software offers a few necessary features: time tracking, billing management, legal calendaring, client and matter management and expense tracking. There is also a client portal in Practice Panther, which allows the clients to view invoices, and payments and respond to messages you send. 

PracticePanther offers a free trial to all users, which then turns into a paid pricing plan which starts at $19.50 per user for a month (if paid annually). You can schedule a private training session with them, and they will open up all the exciting features of Practicepanther for you. Moreover, it is available on both Apple and Android devices. 

Digital War Room

Digital WarRoom is a cloud-based platform which is best for law firms to be well-equipped in reviewing, processing and producing documents. It easily filters and searches the files. The major features of Digital War Room include an email thread visualizer, email analysis, language identification, language translation and much more. 

Digital War Room offers a free trial for new users with a paid plan that includes monthly and annual subscriptions. The software offers the one-to-one training session via screen sharing, and the support desk is also available via email.  


ActionStep is a management software that helps firms take on challenges for client and case management, billing and administrative tasks. The new users face some challenges at the start due to a long registration process.

ActionStep is a cloud-based software that offers a free trial followed by a paid plan of $49 per month for each user. It is supported by both Android and Apple devices. It offers one-to-one training with a certified consultant to use it in a better way. You can contact the support team of ActionStep via phone, chat or email to get answers to your queries. 


TimeSolv is a web-based software used by attorneys for their legal work. The software offers its users several exciting features, including time tracking, conflict and case management, performance monitoring, trust accounting, invoicing, billing and much more. 

One of the drawbacks of TimeSolv is that it doesn’t accept any mobile payment and doesn’t even have a tax calculator. A free trial is also available for this software.


GrowthPath is a user-friendly case management software for law firms to improve their growth. It is an all-in-one firm management solution with case management, client intake, business reporting and analytics. It has an automated lead scoring tool that best identifies high-value intakes. 

GrowthPath offers a free demo which leads to the paid plans starting from $79 per user a month. For new users, they offer in-person training, and they also share video tutorials upon request. You can also get the annual prices by talking to the sales team.

Perfect Practice

Perfect Practice offers a great variety of tools which helps you practice well. It has an intelligent workflow with flexible reporting, which moves the cases efficiently and smoothly. The benefits of this software are billing, accounting, matter management, marketing, time tracking and CRM. 

Perfect Practice doesn’t offer a free trial, but it offers a free demo. The paid plan starts at $44.5 per month for each user. This software does not offer a mobile application, but it can be accessed remotely because it is cloud-based. They also offer one-to-one training and webinars. You can also contact the support centre during their business hours.

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