Working 16 Hours a Day: 5 Effective Tips

Working 16 Hours a Day

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Working 16 hours a day is standard in many businesses and industries. Sometimes people have to start big projects requiring them to work more than 15 hours a day. Working 16 hours a day is not something impossible or not achievable.

Whatever your reasons are for working 16 hours, you can easily achieve this goal. This article will help you cover the best ways of working 16 hours a day without draining yourself out and losing your mental and physical health.

Tips for working 16 hours a day

Along with work, taking special care of your physical and mental health is mandatory. If you do not care for your health, you may fall sick and have to spend days in bed, which can waste your days and time.

You have to see how many days per week you are working. Hours per day also depend on the hours per week. The working hours per week should be seen parallel to the rest per week.

It is never recommended to work too much so that you get exhausted. It is suggested to create a better work-life balance to stay healthy and happy. Maintaining balance is an integral part of one’s life. Here are a few best tips for working 16 hours a day:

Get Enough Sleep

Working all the time sometimes makes it hard for you to get proper enough sleep. Not getting the required sleep can impact your physical and mental health. Without proper sleep, you cannot stay productive or active. The weekdays are tiresome but getting a good amount of sleep is better for staying active for skilled workers. Your daily schedule should include quality sleep.

One should always stick to proper sleeping hours. If you have shift duty, you have to manage your sleeping hours. After finishing your work, relax and get out of all the electronic devices.
It is better to follow a proper work-sleep schedule. Our body gets trained when we follow the same routine for a few days. Keeping a structured sleep pattern can help you stay active and fresh throughout the day.

Don’t Skip Meals

Apart from sleep, another important thing is food. Food keeps us energetic and healthy. We should avoid eating junk food because it is not healthy at all. It is essential to carve out some time for getting a healthy meal.

You should take your meals on time even if you are super busy. When we eat meals properly, our body gets used to them and works according to that pattern.
Getting your meals ready for a whole week on weekends is suggested. This way, you do not have to hurry every morning on weekdays. You should take your meals daily at work to stay energized and healthy.

Stay Hydrated

In extreme work pressure, we forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. Our body needs the proper amount of water to stay active and energized.

Carrying a refillable water bottle with you is suggested to stay hydrated throughout the day. It will make a huge difference in staying refreshed.

Take Advantages of Breaks

Some people even work during their break time. This is a big mistake. We get breaks to relax and calm our minds, soul, and body. Even if the break is of 5 minutes, it is suggested to relax during the break instead of working.

If you are working on something and the break time starts, you can pause the work and relax your mind because the break time is set for every employee, and you cannot get a separate time for relaxing.
The break is not only a formal break for lunch etc. you can take a 1-minute break to go out and walk for a few seconds and then come back again.

A break can take of few seconds to break a cup of tea.
The important tithing is to find some moments in your day when you step back from work and relax your body. It will bring positive changes in your work-life balance and increase productivity.

Prepare a Weekly Schedule

Designing a weekly schedule takes time and effort, but once you will p[repare it, you will be free of all the messed-up weeks. You can complete all your tasks well and on time with a proper schedule without getting depressed or worried. You can prepare the weekly schedule based on your priorities. Once the task finishes, you can move to the next one.

A proper calendar or schedule can also help reduce the possibility of mistakes, and you can add your hobbies or some personal tasks to your weekly plan. Calendars are really helpful in providing structure and stability in our work. The weekly plan can include exercise, yoga, listening to a podcast, etc.

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