A Global Solution to the Scheduling

Scheduling Kit offers the features that are crucial for your scheduling needs and booking process

Automate your Workflow

Set your preferences i.e. availability and meeting time and the Scheduling Kit will ensure all handling requests and bookings.  

Choose the way you like

Connect with desired Calendar

goggle Calendar, Outlook and many more to come...

Google Calendar

Use Goggle calendar integrations to schedule your bookings.

Google Calendar

Use Goggle calendar integrations to schedule your bookings.


Easy to use

Scheduling Kit Allows you t select the booking type according to your own need and preferences


Have your choices

Select date and time with reference to your opted booking type with ease

Event Management

Events Catalogue

Scheduling Kit Allows you to save and manage all the events


Workflow Management

Add Workflow Information

Customize your workflows according to your need. add info and timings of workflows to happen

Add Actions to Workflows

Select the type of workflow like Custom, Reminder, Thank you, Reconfirmation, Additional Resources, Feedback Survey

View Workflows

You can view your workflows at any time and update them when needed.


Multiple Integrations

Scheduling Kit Allows you to add your brand details like domain, link, custom coloring, and SMTP 

Opt for the payment Gateway

Connect with desired payment gateway

PayPal, Stripe, and many more to come...


Use PayPal integrations to pay or get paid.


Use Stripe integrations to pay or get paid.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Schedulingkit has personal and work calendars like  that can be sync with each other. You can import your personal calendar from Schedulingkit to block those times, as well as export your Schedulingkit bookings to your personal calendar.

The creation of a public calendar and the ability to reserve appointments online are two of the things that can be achieved by using an online booking and appointment system.

You can book an appointment with a particular massage therapist who works in the same clinic as other massage therapists on their online schedule, which shows you that they are available for your appointment.

To grow and bring in more clients, you need a reservation system for your business.

We offer both. The client app makes it easy for clients to book, cancel, or reschedule appointments with you. In the admin app, the business owner can keep an eye on their schedule by setting bookable hours, checking booking history, and creating and editing appointments.

You can make sure that you have complete control over the system. You can choose how long the business hours should be at both the staff and service levels, set a limit on the number of bookings that can be made per client, and determine how much in advance clients can book, reschedule, or cancel their appointments.

Choosing the right Scheduling Kit for your teams

Schedulingkit offers plans for small and medium teams, and for teams at large companies.

Ready to Start?

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