What Is a Micro Business? How to Start One?

What Is a Micro Business

If you keep thinking about your own business but need to know how to start one, this article will help you. 

You don’t need to have a degree to start a micro business. Students, unemployed or well-educated people, everyone can create a micro business. Amazingly! Many large-scale organizations start from a micro-enterprise.

Microbusiness is also known as micro-enterprise. Microbusiness is a business where up to nine employees can work to achieve a common goal. They usually work as a team which the owner of the enterprise leads. They don’t earn more than 250,000$ annually. 

This article will cover the following:

Micro Business vs. Small Business

Microbusiness is slightly different from small business. Microbusiness is established on a smaller scale as compared to small businesses. Microbusiness employs less than ten employees. However, the small company employs less than 1500 employees. 

Micro-businesses annual earnings are limited to $250,000, and small businesses usually don’t make more than 38.5 million annually.


Tax liability depends upon the registration method of the business. A small and micro business can have the same taxation policy if registered as a separate entities. However, if a micro-business owner works as a sole proprietor, taxation will be according to the owner’s personal tax rate.

You can register your small and micro businesses as LLCs in the US. If a micro business is registered as a separate entity, the tax liability is limited to the business. 

However, if micro-business functions as a sole proprietorship, tax liability will be the owner’s personal liability. Microbusiness owners always have the opportunity to register their business as a separate entity and get personal liability protection.

How to Start a Micro Business?

Before starting a micro-business, you should know the steps you must follow to create a micro business. Here is the most straightforward process of starting a micro business:

Step 1: Create Your Mission Statement

You must create a mission and a vision statement at the initial stage. The mission statement will help you to achieve the business’s ultimate goals. To make a mission statement, write down all your goals on paper and then create a mission statement that reflects all those goals. The mission statement should be:

  • Motivating
  • Comprehensive
  • Deliver your key objective
  • Unique

Every good business has its mission and vision statements that help it flourish. This statement will help you to motivate your team. The mission statement will also help you to build an “about us” page for your business.

Step:2 Estimate Expenses

Before starting a business, you must plan how to manage the expenses. So, estimate your costs by keeping in view your mission statement. Your mission statement will reflect your goals, and goals will help you to figure out your business needs and expenses. 

Obviously! A new business needs more finance in the beginning. So keep in mind the to-do list while estimating the expenses. It will help you to obtain investment for your business.

Step:3 Prepare Supplier List

After estimating the expenses, the next step is to search the potential suppliers for your micro business. Depending upon the nature of your business, approach suitable suppliers and note down the details of each supplier. After making a deal, sign the agreements and get the necessary documents.

Step:4 Prepare a Marketing Plan

You will only know about your business, products, and services once you promote them. So make a suitable marketing plan for your business. Social media is a perfect place to market a micro business.

Write down the essential factors of a marketing campaign. The plan must be actionable and workable for a micro business. Try proven strategies, and remember to add creative elements to the marketing campaigns.

Step:5 Documentation

The business registration and recruitment process involve documentation, so complete the documentation to start your micro business. Make sure to save all the documents that can be useful in the future. After completing the documentation, you can begin your business journey. 

Key Takeaways

Everybody who has skills or resources can launch a micro business. You can take investors on board to launch a business if you have the skills. On the other hand, you can hire skillful people and start your micro business if you have the resources. 

Follow the steps mentioned above to start a micro business with proper planning. These steps can help you kick-start your business life.

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