Which Qualities Make You a Great Manager?

Which Qualities Make You a Great Manager?

A great manager deals with routine tasks and leads in the best way possible. Are you working in a stereotyped culture? It’s time to change to strengthen yourself for the organization’s well-being.

Some qualities make you a great manager. We have to adopt those qualities as our daily habits. 

Everyone can bring motivation, productivity, and efficiency to employees. So, Let’s develop personality traits that complement your managerial skills.

Communication Skills

Managers need to deliver and receive a lot of information daily. So, a manager is supposed to be a good listener as well as a good speaker. As a manager, you must ensure that you have delivered the actual meaning of your conversation. Clear and comprehensive communication always left a mark. 

How to Develop Communication Skills?

Make sure to communicate the true sense of the information. Also, take your time; it creates ambiguities. Effective communication always wants attention from both sides. So, make your listener pay attention and add exciting elements to the conversation to motivate it. Well, appreciation is also significant to keep the listeners engaged.

Creative Approach

What if a manager follows a boring routine from 9 AM to 5 PM? Employees will start losing motivation, for sure. So, you have to be creative with your managerial activities. To make a difference, you have to practice exciting approaches. 

How to Practice Creative Approaches?

Market trends keep changing with the change in customers’ interests. It would help if you also changed your traditional organizational culture. To break the stereotypes, always appreciate the creativity of teams. Creativity comes with exciting and interesting factors. So, make sure that your employees are enjoying what they are doing.

Don’t Micromanage

It’s ok to manage, observe, supervise and even control your employees. However, there should be a limit. You can control your employees up to a specific limit. Otherwise, it will affect your business negatively because employees can’t be creative without flexibility.

How to Avoid Micromanaging?

You have to develop the courage to empower your employees. Extra freedom could also be dangerous, so keep a perfect balance between flexibility and control. Let the employees try new things and different methods. That’s what great managers do to ensure higher productivity.


The primary quality of great managers is confidence. You have to be confident in your decisions and goals. Otherwise, your team will lose confidence and eventually become demotivated. Confident managers can also keep their teams motivated.

How to Become Confident?

Confidence comes with achievement. You achieve small milestones when you are ambitious about your goals and objectives. That’s what keeps you motivated to achieve your ultimate goal. So, be motivated, ambitious, and consistent at your workplace. 

Handle Pressure

Being a manager, you can experience a lot of pressure. Work pressure comes with work, deadlines, and a sense of responsibility. Every manager participates in these things in their career. However, the ones who know how to deal with things under pressure win the games. 

How to Handle Pressure?

You have to make yourself emotionally stable. Don’t let minor things control you. Also, try to keep yourself focused. Keep in mind that pressure makes you stronger and strengthens your managerial skills. Once you learn to work under pressure, nobody can stop you, and you can become a great manager.


Empathy is something that makes your connection more substantial with your employees. When you listen to your employees’ work difficulties, you can develop the best plan to achieve the goals.

How to show empathy?

Support your employees as much as possible. When you guide and treat them politely, you can build a strong work relationship with them. This work relation will help you obtain employees’ efforts according to the work requirements.

Role Play

A manager could be a role model for employees. Employees learn from their seniors. So, please do whatever you want them to do. This approach can help you to develop your organizational culture according to your work requirements.

How to roleplay?

Suppose you want your employees to follow a particular rule or policy of the organization. Then, you have to follow it first. Similarly, introducing innovative work setups like automation or new working methods. You must operate smoothly in front of your team to bring them all on the same page.

Appreciate Others

Remember to appreciate your workforce. Employees need motivation that comes from appreciation. Hardworking employees also deserve appreciation. 

Positive feedback always helps to grow. It also helps the other employees to learn and grow in healthy competition.

How to appreciate your employees?

Celebrate the small achievements of your teams. Also, analyze who played a vital role in the accomplishment of goals. Individual appreciation is also significant in motivating employees. It encourages employees to work hard.

Final Words

Managers have to sharpen their skills to perform their activities in the best possible way. Managerial skills are often God-gifted, but we must recognize and polish them to perform better. We have listed some must-have managerial skills that great managers own. It would help if you worked on them to become a great manager in your work life.

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