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There are several free resources for photographers, but how do you judge whether the free resources are helpful or not. Is it a difficult task for you? No worries, We have listed the best free resources for photographers.

Photographers often use several photography tools to enhance the photo and video quality. Some photographers use paid tools, but it is difficult for beginners and part-time photographers to spend their money buying them. So we have summed up some of the best free resources for photographers.

Professional photographers also use different tools throughout their photography journey. So anyone can use the free photography tools to enhance their photography skills.

How Can Free Resources Help the Photographers?

Photographers enhance their photograph’s quality through editing tools. Many photographers use editing tools to crop, brighten, adjust lighting, change the background and create collages. The editing tools also help to make photos more attractive.

Some photography resources are free, and some offer paid premium versions. Free resources help photographers to get familiar with editing tools. Photographers can learn basic editing skills through free resources. 

Lightroom Presets Bundle

Lightroom is one of the most popular editing tools. It offers many elegant features. The most common features include organizing and auto-storing the photos.

It is a useful editing software with multiple editing styles. Its features include preset features that are used in the post-production process. Users can also preset the editing styles that enable the users to edit the photos with just one click.

Photoshop Actions for Family Portraits

Photoshop actions help the photographers to edit family photos according to their requirements. It is easy for photographers and also reduces editing time. 

Each family member has different requirements and expectations. A photographer can show the Portraits despite designing a new photo collage to fulfill these requirements. Family members can select pre-designed Photoshop actions.

Vintage Photoshop Actions

Many photographers use Photoshop. It is one of the most popular editing software. It also has some unique post-production features. 

The pre-designed actions help a lot in photography. Vintage photoshop actions reduce the editing time, and photographers can edit and set a photo with just a few clicks. It is also beneficial for beginners.

Galaxy Fire Photo Overlays

Galaxy fire photo overlays are unique, and they give an attractive look to your photos. Photographers can use the galaxy fire overlays to add a sparkling look to their photographs, which removes the photo’s dullness.

Many professional photographers and beginners use these features for free. These features can help a photographer throughout the photographing journey.

Dark Table

It is a free editing tool that helps a photographer in the shoot and post-production process. It allows the users to edit the photos and give them the desired brightening, focus, and sharpening of different objects’ features.


It is a user-friendly editing tool that helps photographers improve the overall photo characteristics per the requirements. Each editing tool has similar features, but this allows users to edit the photos in a single interface.


It is an editing tool similar to photoshop. It allows the users to enhance the photo quality, add text, add brightening effects, and manipulate and restore the edited image. It is a free editing tool for photographers that helps to manage colors and size of photos.

Photography Guides

Photographers keep learning throughout their careers. They learn new tricks through different experiences, but photography guides can also help the photographers in many ways.  

Photography guides help beginners kick-start their careers. Even professional photographers can enhance their skills by reading different photography guides. 

Some guides emphasize a particular photography style or pose. So the photographers who need guidance in some issues can read those guides.

Portrait Guide to Posing Women’s Hands

This guide is beneficial, especially for photographers who cannot set their model’s pose. It mainly emphasizes hand poses because hands say a lot about body language. If hands are correctly posed, it can be a game-changer for photographers.

This guide can help the photographer set the angles, direction, and hand poses to click a perfect photo.

Photo Naturalist’s Free eBook on Wildflowers Photography

Nature always gives you unique objects to capture, but a beautiful thing brings many unwanted objects into the background. This guide helps photographers avoid unnecessary objects, target your object, and capture a perfect photo.

This ebook also includes guidelines about flower photography angles and modes. This ebook elaborates on all the circumstances in which you are good to go with landscape mode or try a different way to capture a photo.

What Camera Should You Really Buy?

Camera selection is a crucial task for photographers. The camera should match the tone and nature of the photographer’s work. This guide helps the photographers to learn about types of cameras. 

Photographers can read this information to take help in learning the features of cameras and perfect cameras according to their work requirements.

An Essential Guide to Learning Flash Portrait Photography

This is an extremely useful guide for photographers. It mainly emphasizes flash photography. It also involves various tips and techniques to capture perfect photographs. This guide can be helpful in many ways. 

Introduction to Night Photography Ideas

Night photography can be tricky and impressive at the same time. If you have learnt some tricks to capturing at night, you can become a successful photographer. Night photography can become exceptional if you use some creative ideas that are mentioned in this guide.

Guide to Photography in NewYork

New York is a city where you can click effortless photos by just learning a few photography skills. This guide plays an essential role in New York photography. 

This guide includes the excellent photography sites in New York. This guide also helps you get exposure to different hidden places that can be fantastic for capturing unique clicks.

DSLR Guide By Ryan Koo

Either you are using a DSLR camera or planning to buy it. In both cases, this guide can be beneficial for you. Photographers can find the pros and cons of using a DSLR camera. Photographers can also get guidance about DSLR features and use them in the best possible way.

Free Templates

Many professional photographers use free templates for quick edits. Free templates can be helpful in many photography projects. Templates are also beneficial to run different campaigns. A particular campaign needs only one template, and each photo could be adjusted according to a pre-designed template. 

Beginner photographers also use templates to learn basic editing and give their photography a professional look.

Save The Date Card Editable Templates For Free

Wedding photography is a time taking task. The pre-designed templates can be a life-saver for photographers in the wedding season. 

Various templates are available on the website that could be used for free. These templates are themed for weddings and can be used in wedding and engagement projects.

Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas photo cards include 15 free card templates that help in Christmas photography. These templates are themed according to Christmas photography. The templates are free to use and give you a base for the photography themes. 

Free Movie Poster Templates For Your Next Shoot

Free templates are available on this site. If you are running a business campaign or need something fancy, you can use these templates for free. So, you can make effortless posters like photos for free. Take a perfect picture of your model, set it into the most suitable movie poster template, and you are good to go. 

Photography Inspirations

Like other artists, photographers also take inspiration from different masterpieces of photography. Photographers can learn different techniques by observing professional and high-quality photographs. 

We have summed up some aesthetic photo collections that can become a learning source for photographers.

The Professional Portrait Photographers Collective Vol. 1

It is a collection of several images captured by different successful photographers. The pictures and conversations can help the other photographer to understand the complicated photo angles, picture background, and model poses.

Photographers can take inspiration from the portrait photography of this collection. They can keenly observe the photos to learn the tips and techniques.

The Best Landscape Photographers Collective Vol. 1

Photography inspiration works as an ingredient in the recipe for successful photography. Do you think a beautiful natural scene is enough to capture a fantastic photo? The answer is “NO”. Photographers need different tips to capture a perfect image.

In this collection, photographers can find the answers to many questions, like the right photo angles for portrait mode and management of brightening mode in cameras. Then, you will get to know that you need many good techniques and ideas apart from a beautiful scene.

The Street Photographer’s Collective Vol. 1

Do you want to be creative in your photography? In this image collection, you can find mesmerizing ideas which you can try by adding a pinch of your creativity. It gives many flexible ideas and themes that can be adopted with some creative changes.

This collection is perfect for those who want to walk around and capture the objects of their choice. It offers many flexible themes and innovative angles to the photographers. Photographers can use it as inspiration.

The Fine Art Photography Collective Vol.1

You can take your photography skills to a level where you can call it art because artists add the colors of creativity to their art. The fine art photography collection can inspire you in many ways. 

An artist-photographer doesn’t only make photography a profession; they take it as a passion, a hobby and an enjoyment which pursues them to do it uniquely. So the photographers can get different themes, ideas, tips and tricks through this image collection available for free.

The Fine Art Collective Vol. 2

It is another edition of fine art. It features some fantastic clicks that inspire the photographers to click perfect landscapes and beautiful portraits and try different angles. 

This collection has such amazing photos that can give the photographers a new way of thinking. They will start observing the keen details to add perfection to their clicks.

The Los Angeles Collective Vol. 1

It includes broad details about the experiences of photographers. It also consists of interviews and discussions of successful photographers. It can be a great source of learning for many photographers.

Through the experience of successful photographers, ordinary photographers can learn many tricks that can help them in their careers. It also includes discussing particular types of photos, including landscape, portraits and flash photography.

Beauty Collective Vol. 1

It is an ultimate inspiration for glamor photography. Photographers can use it as a free source of learning tips and strategies to capture perfect photos. It also involves interviews and discussion of the top 10 photographers. 

Photographers must read the informative interviews to enhance their abilities. Photographers can learn the right photo angles and correct model postures to capture the perfect clicks.

Street Faces: How to Shoot Street Photography Portraits

Nothing is more creative than getting a camera and starting walking in the streets to capture unique portraits. Street photography is an art, and this e-book involves the answers to maximum questions of street photography portraits.

Free Image Optimizer

Photographers need different tools to resize their photos. Image optimizer tools also help to crop, edit and enhance the quality of images. 


It is one of the standard optimizing tools. This tool helps to improve the image quality and sets the color of images to make the image look better. It is helpful to resize the photo and mold it into the desired size.


Does your client demand weird photo shapes? ImageOptim specializes in image resizing. This tool solves the problem of reshaping and resizing the photos. The application is also available to quickly edit photos. is an editing tool that allows users to compress the images and mold them into different sizes. Photographers can use this free tool to fulfil the client’s requirements. Its wow factor is that it lets users edit the bulk of images simultaneously. It depends upon the user’s choice to edit pictures one-by-one or in bulk form. It saves too much time and the loading time is also faster.

Free Image Hosting Tools

Have you ever faced an issue of mismanagement of photos and videos? Image hosting tools solve these issues and helpfully manage the pictures. 

Photographers must handle several projects, each involving hundreds of images and videos. Photographers save, organize and share the photo simultaneously. Image hosting tools create backups and organize your photos. 

We have listed below some efficient image hosting tools.


It is one of the most common tools used by photographers. Besides a hosting site, it helps the users in editing the photos. It enables the users to share, organize and backup their photographs. Photographers can tag their photos in various albums through Flickr.

Google Photos

Do you need a platform to backup your photos? Google photo is a perfect platform for saving photographs. Users can save up to 16MP data. Photographers use this tool to organize each client’s data separately.


Saving and organizing photos has become easy for photographers with the help of Dropbox. It provides up to 3GB of extra space. It also enables the photographers to share and upload photos. Users can display, share and store images in a single interface. Users can also share their reviews about photos through commenting.

Final Thoughts

The free resources can help the photographers in many ways. Photographers can get different editing tools, guides, and templates to enhance their photography skills. 

Beginner photographers can also add a professional look to their click through the free resources. These resources can help a photographer throughout their career.

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