Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity

Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity

Every organization struggles to improve its sales productivity as much as it can throughout its life because it leads to high revenue. As a result, an organization will obtain a competitive advantage. 

An organization’s growth also depends upon sales productivity. Whether it’s a small organization, medium or large scale organization, they need to maintain sales productivity at a certain level. 


What is Sales Productivity?

Sales productivity is the ratio of an organization’s inputs(efficiency) against an organization’s output(effectiveness). Organizations spend resources such as production cost, total production time, and efforts. Every organization wants to maximize its profit against minimum resources. 

Any small business wants to spend minimum resources to gain maximum output and profit ratio. And large organizations also struggle with the same thing. So organizations apply different strategies to optimize sales production against minimum input. This thing is known as the improvement of sales productivity.

How does Sales Productivity Affect Any Organization?

Suppose an organization gains maximum output against minimum resources. Then organizations can invest in new programs to keep themselves ready for market changes.  

It is an era of high competition, and every organization wants to improve its sales productivity as much as possible. Some strategies work for every organization. They apply different strategies to improve sales productivity. Let’s discuss some of the best methods to improve sales productivity.

Sales Training

An organization should focus on its sales team to improve sales productivity. The team should have proper leading staff. They have to conduct training sessions from time to time. The sales team must keep updated about things happening in the organization. 

The training programs should have a proper outline, and the management should analyze the results from these training programs to determine whether the training programs make any difference. 

Organizations must hire experts to supervise the training programs. Experts should guide employees about changes in the market. Employees should know what is happening in the market and how organizations handle customers. 

Some sessions are also arranged to align the sales department with other departments. Organizations must conduct training sessions for the following purposes.

  • Trained sales staff
  • Align sale department activities with other departments
  • Boost sales 
  • Keep the sales department updated

Align the Marketing Activities With Sales Department

What is the ultimate purpose of marketing campaigns? It is to boost sales. So sales and marketing activities are interrelated. 

Organizations spend a certain amount of budget on marketing activities. But if the marketing campaigns are not aligned with sales activities, then marketing campaigns will be unable to increase sales. And the budget spent on marketing activities will be wasted. So an organization needs to align its marketing activities with the sales department.

The marketing department should conduct market campaigns according to sales trends. Not only sales and marketing departments but also integration among each department of an organization is crucial to improving sales productivity.

Target Audience

Suppose your potential customers are women. Then the marketing department should conduct marketing activities by considering women’s behavior concerning a specific product.

Similarly, if an organization sells luxurious household items, they don’t need to advertise its product to college students. So organizations should have to access the details about their target audience before making strategies to improve sales productivity. 

Suppose an organization spends its budget to persuade its target audience. They can improve their sales productivity by keeping the budget the lowest possible because the budget will be well-spent to capture the right audience.

Study Sales Statistics

Organizations should study daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics before making different strategies. Organizations should share these statistics with employees. 

Suppose an organization’s ROI(return on investment rate) is 20% and wants to take it to 40%. They should study statistics to assess their current ROI and strategies to get the desired ROI. The organization has to make goals according to those statistics. 

Track the Sales

If an organization wants to improve sales productivity, it needs to track its sales activities. They need to study their lacking areas and make strategies to improve. 

Supervision of all sales agents is necessary to boost sales. Organizations should assign daily targets to sales agents. Give weight to each sales agent’s productivity. And Give rewards based on performance to increase their dedication. 

Average sales per month and per person should be measured, and training programs should be designed accordingly. Organizations should share sales forecasting with each employee. So they get to know what is expected from them.

Smooth Flow of Information

The flow of information inside and outside an organization should be smooth. Information about customer complaints, marketing campaign reports, and sales charts should be shared with all concerned employees. Organizations should make strategies by keeping in view previous results. 

Integration among departments is also crucial for sales productivity. And integration is only possible when the organization has a smooth flow of information. Customer complaints should also be considered and solved on time. This way, customers will be retained, and sales will be boosted.

Quality Assurance

Quality standards should be made by keeping in view customers’ requirements. And competitor quality standards should also be kept in mind. The manufacturing department and all concerned employees should share these quality standards. 

The quality assurance department should ensure that quality standards are followed at each production stage. When customers get desired products, as a result, sales will increase, and sales productivity will also be improved. 

Maintaining quality takes work. The cost of production could be increased if the quality is maintained at each step. But organizations should take it as an investment to generate higher sales against this investment. And the company’s reputation will be affected positively.


Maintaining records, scheduling activities, and tracking the record are activities that can be automated. Suppose employees are doing all the tasks manually. Then employees will spend most of their time in non-revenue generating activities. 

Automation will also eliminate the chances of human error. And data could be easily recorded in bulk. Organizations can eliminate old files by maintaining and sharing data in soft form. 

Through automation, employees can get rid of some responsibilities, and they will be able to focus on those tasks that improve sales productivity.

Social Selling

Organizations that don’t keep themselves updated on social platforms start losing their customers. So organizations should start advertising on social media platforms. 

The information that could affect your stakeholders should be shared on social media. Product pictures, names, and reviews should be shared. So customers can easily make a choice related to purchases.

Online selling should be efficiently maintained. So your customers can buy the product with just one click. Discounts offers and seasonal activities should be updated on social media. In this way, organizations will keep their customers engaged and boost sales. That will ultimately improve sales productivity.

Make Goals

Make your selling goals and divide the long-term goals into short-term goals. And communicate it to your employees. Make sure to celebrate after achieving a goal. The celebration will develop the feeling of achievement in the organization, and employees will be motivated to achieve more. Employees should also be rewarded according to performance. 

Goals should be communicated to each department and its role in achieving goals. So each employee could work accordingly. 

Organizations should make goals by keeping in view the suggestions of employees. In this way, they will put effort into achieving sales goals, and productivity will improve. It will bring a sense of engagement and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Give Relief and Make Adjustments

No doubt, goals are made to motivate employees. But make manageable goals. Always made challenging but achievable goals. These types of goals will motivate employees. Unachievable goals will only pressure the employees instead of encouraging them. 

Organizations should also care about the work-life balance of employees. Employees should be treated so that they feel motivated toward their goals. Organizations should give Monthly vacations to employees so they can use them in an emergency. 

The employee who will get the most sales should be rewarded. Simply bonuses could be given to motivate employees and make them happy.


If organizations make the right strategies, any organization can improve sales productivity. Organizations need to track the sales process and should make strategies accordingly. 

There are many ways to improve sales productivity; organizations should adopt the strategy according to business and business requirements.

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