How to Control Time: Ways of Improving Productivity

Control Time

Many successful people say that time is money, and understanding the sense of time is crucial to lead a stress-free and happy life. Time cannot be replayed or accelerated; time determines how significant a person’s role is in his life.

Understanding and maintaining the work-life balance is essential for a happy life. If you spend your time in the office, you cannot stay at ease or peace. We must be fair in both professional and personal settings. Sometimes it feels like you need more time to stay productive—some ways to control your time and stay productive throughout the day.

The first and foremost thing is to recognize the area essential for you and where you want to be productive. Good time management starts with calculating your time and prioritizing the tasks.

With time humans can work, interact with loved ones, and rest to stay healthy. Time management is needed so everything that runs daily is smooth and balanced. But what exactly is time management? How to manage time well? What are the benefits? Check out the information and tips below.


Benefits of Time Management

Good time management will also have an impact on increasing productivity and efficiency, success in life as well as your business. Here are the benefits of time management:

More Time

The first benefit is more time. The more reliable you are in doing time management carefully both in terms of your life and business, the more you will be able to enjoy more free time for other useful activities such as doing your hobby or maybe developing a family link daily.

Improve Self-Discipline

The second benefit is increasing self-discipline. Because by making the best use of time, of course, you will become more disciplined in completing all the work.

Makes You More Responsible

The next benefit is that it can make you more responsible. You get to set your daily limit for a particular task. Careful timing makes you more accountable for all the tasks assigned to you.

Surely you will try to do the work with a complete sense of responsibility so that the work can be completed on time as expected.

Relieve Stress

The last benefit is that you can get rid of stress easily. You will have ample time to do what is essential to you.

Effective Ways to Control Time

Learn to say “N0”.

Everyone has specific responsibilities and duties to fulfill. It is essential to manage your tasks effectively. It is good practice to help your colleagues and friends, but you should maintain your high-priority tasks to help others. You should help others by seeing your time availability.

Saying NO is an art, and it is important to learn this art. If you are completely merged in your work and working to your extreme capacity, then it is mandatory to apologize to your co-worker if they need your help in any way.

Create a To-Do List

Thinking and writing down are two different tasks. You can control your time and set daily tasks by penning them down on paper. It is one of the most event time management techniques used by successful people. The To-Do list will help you know the next upcoming task and the total number of tasks scheduled for one particular day.

The most important tasks can be highlighted in the list, which you can start off early and finish on time. The least essential tasks can be listed down in the end, so even if you don’t find time to do them, it doesn’t affect your overall day.

Find your Productive Time

Everyone is not the same, and people work differently. Some people are more productive in the mornings, and few are productive late at night. You should try to find out your own productive time in the day.

If you are a morning person, you can get up early to start your daily tasks. If you are an active person, you can work that way. You can work effectively in your productive time of the day.

Design a Weekly Plan

It is somewhat similar to a daily planner, but this gives a whole week’s overview. You know precisely what you need to do in the entire day and how you will do all the tasks.

With the weekly plan, you can mentally prepare to complete the tasks. Moreover, you will know about the overall free time you can get in a week.

Try to Avoid Distractions

 Everyone gets distracted. Distractions can be of different types like mobiles, food, movies, kids, etc. it is mandatory to list down your distractions on paper and then find ways to avoid them.

If the mobile phone is your distraction, you can be silent while working during your productive time of the day.


Every day is not the same day. A person must fulfill specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities daily. Fulfilling all obligations and creating a work-life balance gets impossible sometimes. Therefore, one should follow some time-controlling ways and stay more productive throughout the day to get maximum benefit. A person should know which time management strategy will work for him to get effective results.

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