10 Best Scheduling Tools for Photographers

Best Scheduling Tools for Photographers

Are you looking for the best scheduling tools for photographers? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll show you some of the best scheduling tools for photographers.
Scheduling is a key part of running a successful photography business. Without proper scheduling, you won’t be able to manage your time effectively. And without effective management, you won’t get much done.
Here are the 10 Best Photo Scheduling Apps For Photographers.


The logo of ShootQ is “Shoot More and Work Less.” It is a powerful application designed by photographers for photographers. This app handles all the admin-related work for photographers and gives them ample time to shoot. It allows you to see the booking history of clients, see the past correspondents and manage the current ones. It lets you see important dates, times, and milestones in a few clicks. Moreover, it analyses the bookings, sales, and completed shoots using statistics, charts, and graphs. 


Bloom believes in keeping things simple for both the client and the photographer. The photographer sends a link to the clients where they can see the available slots and book a session accordingly. This online scheduling saves photographers from sending follow-up emails and messages. Bloom allows users to pick their desired packages, select a date and time and sign the contract digitally. Bloom keeps things simple without indulging complex aspects that make it hard for customers to understand the prerequisites of the photographer. 

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss is an exciting app for photographers who have little time to set up meetings and share details with clients manually. The dashboard of this application allows the photographers to set up a customised booking page and keep track of all planned sessions. Users have the leverage of accessing their own previously saved calendars. This software will enable users to access other apps like Stripe, Square, Zoom, Zapier, and Mailchimp. 


Pixifi takes pride in providing hassle-free booking to photographers and their clients. This application allows users to choose their dates and time for appointments and see the available and taken slots. The app allows clients to sign deals and contracts digitally and place orders led by a confirmation message. Pixifi integrates with Google Calendar, making it easy for photographers to check their free and taken slots. 

Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio was basically designed by photographers and is an amalgamation of different software. This application includes several software that provides ease to photographers like:

  • Online booking software
  • Bookkeeping software
  • Online gallery show software
  • Photo management software

You can send your client a customized booking proposal using the application. A client can choose his desired package, sign the deal and send payments without any follow-up emails or calls. 


Trafft is another exciting app for scheduling. Clients can easily book their slots using the booking page of Trafft. Trafft works well as it has integrations with Zoom. It manages the daily schedules of your employees, including vacations. Trafft controls and maintains the daily schedules and updates the company’s website to reflect business hours, services, and locations. You can also stay in touch with your clients using automated messages and email services. 

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity works as a personal assistant for any photographer. Acuity controls the calendar and manages everything itself. Acuity provides a clear and easy-to-use calendar where flights can easily book slots. After making a booking, an automated message is sent to the client with the company logo and booking details. Acuity Scheduling sends reminders, payments, and other important notices automatically. The clients can also cancel and reschedule the meeting using the Acuity calendar. 


If you are a photographer, then Picktime will help you a lot with booking our appointments. This is easy-to-use software with no installation problems, programming, or contracts. It makes your booking experience easy and reliable. From the main booking page of Picktime, you can control all schedules of staff and clients. The dashboard gives you access to an overview of routine schedules and meetings. Clients can see, decide and pick any free slots in your booking calendar. 


Bookedin helps simplify the process of appointment for photographers. This is a cloud-based app that enables photographers to schedule appointments without any hassle. This app provides you an option to change availability as per your need. Bookedin allows you to customise pricing for each package that you offer. You can easily collect payments and confirm the online booking as well. This app provides the ease of sending confirmation messages and emails to the bookings. 


The creators of Iris take pride in saying that this application has everything a photographer needs in his profession. This app has unique and distinct features that make your online booking easy for you and your clients. There is a feature called ‘Scouting,’ which highlights new and beautiful locations for shoots. Iris has an in-build automated payment request system that is integrated with Square and PayPal. 


There are several apps for photographers that optimize your time, organize your files and allow you to manage your business financially. Choose the ones that best suit your profile and what you need, install them and start using them today to ensure even greater productivity.

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