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Team Management Tools

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Team management tools help teams to minimize human efforts and automate the system as much as possible. They allow you to store the team’s data in a single place, team integration, schedule, and organize activities. 

Every organization selects a management tool by considering its requirements and convenience. These tools help to optimize management activities and also increase team productivity. 

It helps supervisors to supervise the work of each employee at a time. Many team management tools offer different unique features. Some management tools are designed to keep in view a particular management requirement. 


What is Management Tools? 

Management tools are designed to support the activities inside an organization. It helps to enhance productivity by handling on-site and off-site activities. 

Different departments of an organization can integrate these tools. In other words, it brings ease to performing management activities and minimizes the need for human efforts. 

How do Team Management Tools Help?

When there was no automation, teams used to do all the things manually. Manual activities take so much time and human effort. It takes a lot of work to collect and store data manually. And it is also quite complicated to manually manage all the employee’s activities. Team management tools have solved all these issues. 

Management activities can be easily performed using team management tools. All the activities can be performed at a time that takes less time and minimizes human effort. These tools are crucial for every organization to enhance employees’ productivity. Let’s discuss some of the best team management tools and their features.


Scoro is one of the best team management tools. It helps to schedule tasks and store and organize the data. All those features enable an organization to automate team management activities. It helps to integrate the activities of all employees. It stores the team’s data in a place that is easy to access and edit by all team members. 

Scoro helps you to manage and schedule your activities by integrating them with the calendar. Several projects can be handled at a time through this tool. So each department in an organization can use it according to its requirements. 

This tool has also made it easy to communicate among employees. Each employee can easily share, edit and save the files through Scoro.

Key Features

  • It tracks each employee’s progress and helps to handle weekly and monthly reports. You can also access the history of an employee since he joined the organization.
  • It helps to manage multiple projects at the same time.
  • Employees can easily communicate, share files, and schedule tasks.
  • It helps to make invoices in different templates.


Slack helps to manage team tasks. It enables team members to communicate easily with each other. 

Team productivity increases through the sense of engagement with each other. Group chat features optimize the performance of teams. Slack also allows sharing of data by integrating with Google drive.

If you need to emphasize a particular detail, you can highlight it and send a specific message to all team members using @.

Its mobile application can be used to stay connected with the team. It allows its users to set meeting reminders. Employees can share their work details with all team members by using slack. Let’s look at its key features.

Key Features

  • It enhances work collaboration through several team chatting features.
  • It allows users to share information by integrating with google drive.
  • Users can set meeting reminders.
  • Users can create channels to share information with team members.

Zoho workplace

Zoho workplace integrates with other tools to optimize team performance. It helps to communicate with team members. Team members can easily save and back up data through cloud integration. 

Users can send and receive emails to communicate with team members. It also allows storage and management of the work files. Team members can send and receive the files by using this management tool. It helps to keep your file safe. Let’s look at its key features.

Key Features

  • Users can send, receive and store the files.
  • Users could have files backed up in the cloud. 
  • Email and file-sharing features enhance the team’s productivity.


An employee’s high performance motivates other employees. Most organizations use this management tool to optimize the productivity of their employees. They can create a task description on this tool, and employees can add their questions and suggestions in the comment box. In this way, this tool keeps employees engaged. 

Podio is a tool that helps the management to conduct effortless meetings by sharing task details. It also helps with the sharing of large files. This way, teams can share their daily, weekly, and monthly performance.

Key Features

  • Assign daily tasks to employees and allow them to give suggestions and comments.
  • Users can share large files quickly.
  • The budget of a project can automatically be calculated
  • Allow daily scheduling tasks.


Bitrix24 is a useful tool for collaboration. It supports the organization’s intranet. This tool helps management automate scheduling, managing, and supervising tasks. 

It integrates with calling applications to manage contacts and their details. This tool also helps in customer support services. 

Bitrix24 is also helpful for project management and allows users to send and receive emails. It automated the system to minimize the workload.

Key Features

  • It automates project management activities.
  • It integrates with the telephone to save the calling details.
  • It allows sharing and storing of information and helps to manage the workflow.


Neetrix provides reliable features of integration. Management can integrate with team members inside the organization. And management can also stay connected with stakeholders like contractors and partners through this tool. 

Management automatically gets notifications about the completion of tasks. This tool is efficient for assigning daily or weekly tasks to employees. They can track the duties of each employee. This tool helps in creating invoices on different templates. It also helps in defining the job requirements and criteria for handling tasks. 

Key Features

  • It helps to integrate with employees and contractors.
  • Management can assign team and individual tasks to employees.
  • Management can track the activities of employees.
  • It automatically notifies management about task completion.
  • It facilitates the auto-creation of invoices and bills.


Proworkflow helps in taking the workflow efficiently. It can schedule and reschedule daily tasks and meetings. It helps track the daily and weekly tasks and the time taken to complete them. It helps to assign tasks to turn wise. 

Proworkflow also generates invoices against salaries and bonuses. It helps to save and share contact details. It also provides features managing equal workload among employees. Let’s discuss some key features of Proworkflow.

Key Features

  • It helps to judge the overall workload.
  • It enables the management of workload among employees.
  • Enable the users to share data and files.
  • Users can manage data and communicate through its mobile application, making communication more convenient.


Almost all organizations use it to manage their contacts inside and outside the organization. It helps to manage the data of employees and customers. This software also helps to manage customer support programs. It helps to integrate with customers to handle their compliments and suggestions. 

This tool is famous for its time-tracking efficiency. It helps organizations spread the importance of time management and track time throughout the project. It also accesses the time taken to do each task. Let’s study its key features.

Key Features

  • It helps to handle remote jobs.
  • It tracks time throughout the project.
  • It helps to supervise the work of employees.
  • It promotes shared management by providing efficient data and file-sharing features.


Harvest can be used from any laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone. It is easy to use the software. And they are used by several organizations to track project details. 

It has a simple interface that the average employee can use. That is why every employee can share the work details with management. Due to this, it optimizes employees’ performance by keeping them engaged.

It tracks the time taken by each employee for task completion. And also generate time reports for management. 

It generates invoices by the following time throughout the project. Invoices help the management in appraisals.

Key Features

  • It generates invoices.
  • It helps to track time individually.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.


Toggl is a helpful tool for time management. It helps to track time individually and collectively. It can track the time of multiple projects at a time. It helps to generate timesheets based on time tracking. These timesheets help in estimating the schedule of other similar projects. And it also helps in time management in the future.

Its outstanding feature is to track time offline and online. It also generates reports on time tracking that helps to judge the performance and time efficiency of employees. It is a perfect tool but can only be used as an all-in-one tool.

Key Features

  • It tracks project time details.
  • It generates timesheets.
  • It can follow the times of multiple projects at a time.


Teamwork helps you to estimate your project completion time. It enables you to enter your estimated time and generate a report by comparing the time spent on the project against the estimated time. It helps organizations with time management. Slowly you will be able to make accurate estimates of time. 

It generates timesheets and reports, which help management create performance-based salary sheets. It is not an all-in-one software; it can be used with other tools to facilitate the management department. Let’s have a look at its key features.

Key Features

  • Time tracking
  • Timesheets and reports.
  • Create invoices.
  • Compare estimated time with actual time spent on a project.


Hubstaff is used to track time spent on tasks by each individual. This tool helps pay employees based on time spent on a job. It generates employees’ salary slips based on time spent on duty. 

It also accesses the location of employees doing remote jobs. And this tool is perfect for remote job management to judge each employee’s time spent on the job.

This tool is helpful in time management and time-based salaries. It takes screenshots of the details, including time spent doing tasks. It generates invoices against time schedules.

Key Features

  • It helps to give time-based salaries.
  • Track the time of individual employees.
  • Track times and locations in remote jobs.


Asana has a simple interface and can handle employees’ daily data. It helps management to assign different tasks to employees. 

It helps to break a project into small parts and assign tasks to employees with specific deadlines. 

It is an all-in-one software for small teams, small-scale organizations, and small work units. It keeps updating management about task completion. It also gives updates through notifications. 

Teams can track the activities of each individual and track time. It generates reports against the time taken to complete the project. It also helps in sharing data and files with team members.

Key Features

  • It allows users to store and share files
  • It tracks time spent individually.
  • It helps to manage the team tasks.
  • It will enable the users to divide their tasks into segments and subdivide them into team members.
  • It gives notifications about project completions.
  • Updates about the current project situation.


Trello is the best tool for managing the tasks of employees. It helps to generate lists like to-do lists, in-progress tasks, and completed tasks. It helps to visualize the task’s details and enables uploading the task details, links, and images. It helps to track the status of unlimited jobs. 

Management can access the tasks details of each employee and their work status. This tool is perfect for remote jobs. Employees can upload and manage the data according to the task’s status. 

Trello involves lists to which employees can add cards. Each card involves details about each task. Employees can attach pictures, documents, links, and images with these cards. So management can visualize them. 

Key Features

  • It enables tracking the current status of each task.
  • Employees can share the details of their tasks in the shape of images, charts, documents, and links.
  • Multiple task lists with details can be uploaded at a time.
  • Lists can be arranged according to the desired arrangement.
  • Efficient task management by adding and viewing cards.


Team Management tools help to automate management activities. Some organizations use multiple management tools to optimize activities and increase team productivity. But many organizations believe in using a single tool with various features. 

This article involves some of the best management tools and their features. Organizations can study the characteristics of each tool to select the best one for them.

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