Best Free Resources for Graphic Designers

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Are you looking for the best free resources for graphic designers? Then you are on the right page. Free things usually need more quality, but there you will find some free graphic designers that provide perfect and high-quality graphic material.

Beginners usually use free resources to kick-start their careers. Some graphic designers seldomly get projects, and if they get projects, they need more money to buy designing tools, pictures, and fonts. In that situation, the free resources felt like blessings.

By keeping in view the importance of reliability and quality, we have summed up the best free resources for graphic designers in this article.


Are the Free Resources Reliable?

Some free resources offer low-quality designing tools, but it does not mean that you can not find a reliable source for your required tool. Some free resources have limited designing tools that are insufficient to complete the project. Similarly, sometimes they show downloading and visualizing errors.

We have listed the best resources for graphic designers. From this article, you can easily find the required stuff of high quality that can be easily downloaded. If you face the issue of limited designing tools for free, you can go through all the listed resources individually. Once you get familiar, you can easily find the right tool from the right resource.

In short, if you are truly determined with your work, you can find a reliable resource or use multiple resources to complete your project. For your convenience, we have listed the best resources; you can also use a combination of different resources from the following.

Free Stock Images


You will find bundles of high-quality images on “Unsplash”. It allows you to download and share pictures of your choice. You can visit this site to choose some exciting pictures and save them in your photo gallery for later use. 

You will surely find some fantastic clicks on the concerned niche because all the images are of high resolution and clicked through amazing angles.


Images on StockSnap are appropriately categorized. It is a reliable platform for graphic designers to get desired pictures. It is convenient for graphic designers to find an image related to required subject matters through proper categorization. It also provides high image quality.

3-Photo Creator

It is not a common platform, but “Photo Creator” offers some fantastic features for its users. Anyone who wants a unique picture not uploaded elsewhere can use this platform to get an exclusive photo.

It provides a variety of objects, backgrounds, people, and different images that could combine to form a new image. It gives you a drag-and-drop option to create the desired picture. 

It offers some unique features, but its interface is simple. Any ordinary person can easily use it to get the desired picture.


It is a reliable platform for graphic designers. It keeps uploading different images that can be downloaded instantly. This platform also has diversity in image stock. Everyone can pick a photo of their choice from this resource. 

It offers “beautiful high-res photos of black and brown people, for free.” Photos resolution also remains high after the download.


Are you looking for photos of current trends? If yes, then this site is perfect for you. They keep updating their site with images on hot topics. It’s incredible to find the perfect photos for your projects of high quality and free of cost at the same time. 

You can find high-resolution pictures with the ideal lightning on this platform. That is why it is among the best free resources for graphic designers.

Free Icons

6-Simple Icons

This platform was founded by “Dan Leech.” Every graphic designer can find free icons on this platform. It forms the icons for big brands, also available for ordinary users and graphic designers. Any graphic designer can find a massive collection of free SVG icons on this platform. 


Ionicons is one of the best accessible sources for free icons. The Ionicons team designs all the icons on the site. 

All the icons in their collection are premium, unique and trendy. Graphic designers can use these icons in apps for android and PC. These icons could also be helpful in IOS and web development. 

8-The Noun Project

It has a collection of two million-plus icons. Designers can quickly choose an icon and download it for their projects. Graphic designers can use icons in projects of different niches because there is a vast collection of icons related to several subjects. All the icons in the collection are free of cost.


It is a fantastic platform that brings together a lot of animated GIFs. All the GIFs are of high resolution and premium quality. 

It is an exciting platform for GIF lovers; it allows the users to customize the GIFS according to their choice. Users can get GIFs in small file sizes. Users can open them in every browser, and they do not need special libraries.


It is the most valuable free source of icons; they keep updating their website with icons on trendy topics. They analyze market trends and launch a new collection of icons for free. They offer the latest PNG and SVG icons of high resolution. They have recently uploaded a unique collection of “corona-related searches” useful in COVID-related projects. 

Free Illustrations

11-Open Peeps

What if someone wants something hand-drawn? No worries because “open peeps” is a perfect platform for them. They offer an extensive collection of illustrations, including SVG and PNG sketches and Studio. If users want to donate, they can also donate through this platform.


Do you want something unique and customized? Then, this platform can help you out. You can make anything of your choice through its interface. 

It provides you with a collection of different illustrations, and you can drag, drop, rotate and adjust them to make your design. All the designs can be easily downloaded, and users can consume them for personal or commercial use.


Storytale is another best resource for graphic designers. Graphic designers can download free illustrations from this site. Although all the illustrations are not free, there is a separate section of free designs. This section is called the “freebies” section. Graphic designers can find a good-looking collection of illustrations in this section.

14-Pimp My Drawing 

This site has a decent collection of architectural illustrations. The architectural graduates confound it. It offers users to download the illustrations in ai format. One of those sites allows you to download their designs without registration.


This platform offers some fantastic features. The site remains updated with new and trendy illustrations on diversified subject matters. It is themed as an “open-source illustration for any idea you can imagine and create”. It offers high-quality SVG illustrations. Users can make their own designs by using different illustrations on this site.

Free Fonts


It is one of the best free resources for graphic designers. Any designer can get free fonts from this platform. Users can search for the fonts sorted by alphabet, font designer name, trending fonts, or particular font style.

17-Google Fonts

It is a well-known font directory that is available to everyone. You can find the most comprehensive collection of fonts on this platform. Graphic designers can find high-standard free fonts on this site. 

18-Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a fantastic source of free fonts. It is a perfect source for graphic designers to choose a font and use it in their projects. All the fonts are available for personal and commercial use.


It is another source of free fonts for everyone. The website includes a nice font stock that is available for free. Any graphic designer can select and download them conveniently.

20-Use and Modify

This website is founded to serve free fonts. Users can find classy, nice, and dominating font styles on this site. Users can go through them and save their favorite ones for later use. Overall this site has a comprehensive font stock.

Free Graphic Design Tools


It is a highly efficient tool for graphic designers. Graphic designers can use all the graphical designing tools for free. They don’t even need to download the tools. The tools are open to use by everyone in any browser. Users can use the drag-and-drop option to place them according to their requirements. They can make a unique design using these tools.


Are you a creative designer? Then this platform is for your assistance. This website includes an extensive collection of tools that can be used to make creative, innovative, and conceptual designs and brand guidelines. Users can consume all the tools in the web browser. 


Are you getting bored with old and stale design tools? No worries! This platform allows you to make innovative font pairings. All the tools are available for free use. 

Users can also use different font pairings that are editable. After getting an overview of how it will look after completion, you can edit it according to the requirements.


Any graphic designer can get free and professional graphic designing tools from this non-profit-seeking website. It is a platform with truly free tools for graphic designers. All the tools are premium quality and give your design a nice finishing look.

25-Gravit Designer

It is an application that provides high-quality graphic design tools. Some graphical designing tools are paid for, but its free version is available with the vast tools stock. Any person can use it conveniently on any platform. It also provides 500MB of cloud storage.

Free Image Editing Tools

26-Social Sizes

As shown by its name, it provides some best sizes for pictures and videos. Sizes also include standard sizes for different apps. This platform also allows the users to download additional templates for photoshop, sketch, and adobe xd.


This platform gives a fundamental editing feature. Any user can quickly and easily remove the background of any image. Any background can be replaced and removed. Users can also check whether a particular background suits a picture or not. Then, they can instantly remove it.

28-Pixel Editor X

Pixel Editor X was previously known as Pixel Editor. They have launched a new version called “Pixel Editor X.” The latest version comes with more features and more editing tools. The updated version can be integrated with dropbox.


Fotor comes with various editing features. Users can edit photos using crop, edit, rotate and brighten features. It will set the tone of the images, and you can also make photo collages with various templates.


It is another fantastic photo editing tool with all the essential features. It allows the users to edit the images and sketches in all browsers. Users can also convert the image file into PSD. 

Final Words

All the above-described resources are available online for free use. Graphic designers can take help and download these free tools that can be helpful in their projects.

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