Best Recruiting Software of 2024

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Isn’t it amazing to automate your recruiting system? Because the recruitment process is quite complicated. Hiring the best employee after studying hundreds or even thousands of applications and relevant documents is challenging. Recruiting software solves this issue and offers multiple outstanding features.

The technology evolution brings automation. Recruitment automation doesn’t mean that the recruitment process doesn’t need any human effort, but recruiting tools have minimized the need for human action. 

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software helps in the recruitment process. This software automates the recruitment process by receiving applications, screening applications, and storing and managing the recruitment information. Recruiting software minimizes human efforts in the hiring process and automates the partial recruitment process. 

How to Select Recruiting Software?

Different recruiting software has various features. Some recruiting tools are designed to handle the recruitment process of small-scale organizations. Some recruiting software can handle the data of large-scale organizations. Each software has different features and different interfaces.

Some recruiting tools are very easy to use, and some are pretty complicated. An organization should select recruiting software by considering the organization’s requirements. An organization doesn’t choose software randomly. 

There is a lot of recruiting software. An organization should first study its requirements and search for information about recruiting tools like its features and interface. And then select the most convenient one for themself.


According to our research, SurveySparrow is among the best-recruiting tools. Any organization can easily interact with its employees using SurveySparrow. 

Recruiting data and contact details can be easily stored and managed using this recruiting tool. New and old employees can be engaged through SurveySparrow.

Organizations conduct training programs through this tool. Appraisals and interviews are also conducted using SurveySparrow. 

Many organizations use it to take feedback from their employees. Employee engagement programs are crucial for any organization that can be quickly conducted using SurveySparrow. 

Key Features

  • Employee engagement programs are conducted through SurveySparrow.
  • SurveySparrow is used for appraisals and for taking feedback from employees.
  • Training programs are arranged with the help of this tool.
  • Its different templates can be used according to the requirements.

Zoho Recruit 

It is considered one of the best recruiting tools. Zoho Recruit is also famous due to its multiple features. It has almost all the features that are used in the recruiting process. In other words, this tool made the whole recruitment process simple. 

This tool can help an organization to give hiring ads, obtain applications, screen applications, shortlists eligible candidates according to criteria, send auto-emails of interviews and save the information. Zoho Recruit is used by HRM departments of organizations, staffing agencies and recruitment teams. 

Whenever someone submits a job application, this software sends an instant message. It is the sign that the application is received, and the organization will consider the application. 

Key Features

  • It updates the status related to the current recruitment stage—i.e. interview dates, test dates or accepting applications till a specific date.
  • It sends automated messages to candidates or concerned employees.
  • It helps in screening applications and filtering them according to the criteria.
  • It helps in the integration of the human resource department through data sharing.


BambooHR is a handy tool for small and medium-sized organizations. This software has multiple features that help through the recruiting process. It enables the recruitment team to find the best candidate in thousands of applications. Organizations can track candidates’ applications through this software. 

BambooHR also stores and organizes the candidate’s information throughout the recruitment process. Organizations can generate automated messages of interview invitations or selection messages. 

Key Features 

  • It can send automated messages to concerned people.
  • It can save and organize candidates’ information.
  • It allows users to track job applications.
  • It helps to communicate with all candidates and helps select the best candidate for an organization.


Recruiterflow is an all-in-one recruiting tool. It has all those features that are required for automating the recruiting process. It helps you to hire an ideal employee for your organization. What is better than a complete package that helps you throughout recruitment? It helps in seamless integration among candidates and the recruitment team. So, Recruiterflow fits into the criteria of the best recruiting tool. 

Recruiterflow also provides an excellent customer support system. It also provides the best essential features like automated emails and alerts. 

It automatically syncs the applications and messages and tracks the applications. It helps in conducting interviews with clients. One-on-one interviews and tests could also be conducted. It schedules the interview dates and updates the candidates.

Key Features

  • It customizes the recruitment stages. 
  • It provides seamless integration among candidates and the recruitment team.
  • It automatically sends emails and messages. And also provide an automated job posting feature.
  • It sends alerts to concerned people.
  • A Chrome extension is also available.

Workday HCM

Workday HCM is a recruiting tool with a combination of some best features. It helps in tracking candidates’ applications. It helps you find the best candidate among thousands of candidates. It sends scheduled messages on a specific date of interview or appointment. 

It can keep the applicants updated with their current application status. It can also access and store data from a candidate’s profiles, making it easy for the recruitment team to evaluate things. It keeps the information organized, which helps significantly in the evaluation stage. 

Key Features

  • It updates the candidates about their application status.
  • It keeps candidates engaged and helps to choose an ideal employee.
  • Automatically send interview dates to candidates.
  • Track the applications throughout the recruitment process.


The lever is used by more than 2500 organizations around the world. It manages the applications in a single place to easily access and study. It is famous for its features like resume parsing and filtering the applications according to criteria. It informs candidates automatically about the interviews. It tracks applications throughout the recruitment process. 

It helps the recruitment team to evaluate things and select an ideal candidate. Every organization could use it because it is helpful for each organization in many ways.

Key Features

  • It manages data in a single place.
  • It tracks the applications of candidates.
  • It schedules interviews by syncing with the calendar.


Every organization can use it. Small, medium and even large-scale organizations can easily use it. It has an easy-to-use interface. The process of receiving, filtering, monitoring, tracking and evaluating can be done on a single interface. It helps recruiters to organize applications and the information related to recruitment.

It provides seamless integration. It has more than 2000 users. Organizations use it because it has the most efficient features that minimize human effort. It also manages the interview reports and analytical data.

Key Features

  • It shares the job ads to several platforms.
  • It manages the analytics related to interviews and demo reports.
  • It ensures calendar integration to schedule interviews efficiently.


It has the most efficient features that are helpful for employee interaction and the recruitment process. It stores, organize and shares data. It integrates the employees for team tasks that increase their engagement and dedication. 

This tool is famous for its integration feature’s efficiency. It integrates candidates during the process of recruitment. It also helps teams to work together. 

Key Features

  • It allows different departments to work in collaboration with each other. 
  • This tool makes the recruitment process easy for an organization through collaborative integration and each step of the recruitment process.
  • It automates the entire recruitment process.


This software is famous for finding the best candidate for organizations. It shares the job posting to leading platforms and helps to obtain the maximum applications. After receiving the applications, it auto filters them according to specific criteria uploaded by the organization. It also gathers data at a particular place, making it easy to access. 

Its unique feature is that it sends job details on multiple sites that are accessible from PC as well as from mobile phones and other devices. 

It develops analytical reports based on applications received and filtered out. It provides screening integration and helps to take employees onboard. 

Key Features

  • It tracks the recruitment process.
  • Share job details on multiple sites
  • Allow integration with employees.

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is among the top-rated software. It does everything from finding candidates to getting a perfect employee for an organization. It filters employees upon specific criteria. It is ideal for every organization that wants to automate its recruitment system. An organization doesn’t need to hire a recruitment team; a single recruiter who can use this software can be hired. 

Key Features

  • It finds candidates for you through job posting on platforms like LinkedIn
  • It filters applications based on the company’s designed criteria.
  • It conducts multiple interviews through scheduling.


Medium and large-scale organizations use Taleo to hire perfect employees for them. It provides all the features from job postings to final interviews. 

It allows organizations to do resume parsing. It also integrates candidates with the organization and conducts one-on-one and mixed interviews. It will enable you to automate structured interviews. It tracks the candidates and their information throughout the recruitment process. Large-scale organizations can use it to hire the best talent. 

Key Features

  • Integrate the candidates and recruiter.
  • Obtain and manage candidates’ information.
  • Useful for onboarding.
  • Make candidate tracking easier.
  • Do employees shortlisting
  • Schedule interviews


Many organizations use this software to automate their recruitment process. It can efficiently do job postings and details sharing on different sites. It schedules interviews and allows users to do video interviews. It integrates the users in various ways. Such as checking candidate details and background, assessment and video interviews.

Key Features

  • It allows users to do video interviews
  • Candidates assessment
  • Interviews scheduling


It is also an efficient recruiting tool. It helps organizations in sourcing and scheduling. It also allows users to maintain a career portal. It means it helps an organization to keep each candidate’s information in a unique way that is easy to access. It allows you to acquire the best talent for your organization.

Key Features

  • Career portal 
  • Interview scheduling
  • Souring 
  • Automated emails and messages


An organization should select a recruiting software after collecting all the information related to its features, templates, and cost. And then they should choose the most suitable one for them. 

Many recruitment software has similar features, but you can get information from this article on which one could work efficiently according to your organization’s requirements.

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