Top 13 Calendar Hero Alternatives

Calendar Hero Alternatives

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Top 13 Calendar Hero Alternatives in 2022. Find the best Calendar Hero Alternatives and compare them with other top competitors based on features, price, and more.



Integrately is a great application that lets you connect several apps in one click. It allows you to create one-to-one workflows and helps you deal with complex workflows within seconds. You can customise your workflow as per your team. Integrately also enables you to share your automation with other clients or teammates. It is considered one of the best Calendar Hero alternatives because of its capacity to connect different apps in one click. It offers a free trial and gives three paid packages – starter, Professional, and Growth, which cost $19.99, $39.00, and $99.00 per month. 


Calendly has a direct connection with Google. Calendly calendar automatically merges with Google calendar. Any meetings on the Calendly calendar will also be shown on Google and Outlook Calendar. Instead of choosing your own time slots, you can receive the appointments set by the clients. If you have a small business, then the free version of Calendly will help you a lot. Calendly also offers a paid premium version at a very reasonable price. 


If you want to schedule hassle-free meetings with your friends, colleagues, friends, or peers, then Doodle can help you greatly. Doodle keeps the privacy of its users and keeps your information encrypted between you and your client. It also allows you to edit the information you want to show to your client. It simply organises the appointments for you in a systematic way. Doodle saves you from the hassle of different emails and messages of meetings. Doodle offers a free plan where you can enjoy a secure appointment scheduling system.

Acuity scheduling 

Acuity Scheduling is one of the hassle-free software. It allows you to set your free time slots so that the clients can easily view them. The clients can schedule their appointment in your available slots. Clients can also edit the meeting time and date. The clients can cancel the appointments without informing you even. You need not recheck the appointment dates time and again. Acuity Scheduling software does it all for you. 

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a fantastic platform for self-service analytics for all types of users in any organisation. It allows you to use self-service or guided analytic applications, dashboards, and features. It provides an enterprise analytics platform to the users that can empower them. 

It offers geographic analytics, advanced data preparation, reporting, and offline mobility. 


YouCanBook.Me is another exciting alternative for Calendar Hero. It is a hassle-free appointment scheduler application that larger organisations use to schedule and plan their meetings without any issues. It offers you to get an individual plan or a team plan. It uses external calendars to set up availability for appointments. It costs $10 per month but YouCanBook.Me also offer special discounts for the educational sector. 


Mindbody excites your customer experience. It is a cloud-based online scheduling application where you can easily schedule meetings and track your business record. This application has exciting features like automated promotions and customised email campaigns. It also offers you to take reviews from your potential clients.


SimplyBook.Me is a widely used software for appointment scheduling. It has different features that can help you greatly in your business dealings. The application can be used in different languages as per your need. This application to the customers provides several payment methods. The application provides brief yet clear instructions for users to schedule an appointment. It also has a dashboard specifically to show you the cancelled and approved appointments.  

Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings can easily replace calendar Hero. It offers you to avail of their free plans and the paid plans for only $6 per month. It is a user-friendly application that allows users to create a group and one-to-one meetings. It offers you to schedule different meetings and provides various payment gateways. Zoho bookings also offer customised booking pages, emails, and domains. You can easily integrate Zoho Bookings with other business-related applications. 


Setmore allows you a distraction-free environment to focus entirely on your business dealings. It offers live chat support along with well-written online help documents. It is reasonable for every organisation, and it also provides special discounts for larger companies to get this application for each user at a lower rate. It can easily be integrated with Slack, Facebook, Instagram, and other website builders. One of the demerits of Setmore lies in its surface, touching on sales teams, service businesses, and business consultations. It doesn’t get into the depth of any one of them even. 

10to8 Scheduling

10to8 Scheduling is a user-friendly application with various features and multiple services. It is a cloud-based application for any organisation. It works well with small and even more significant organisations. 10to8 scheduling provides a customised booking website where you can easily customise the dates, venue, titles, and other details of your meetings. Moreover, your clients can help themself schedule, reschedule and cancel any appointment without involving you in that process always. 

Hubspot Meetings

Hubspot meeting is one of those apps that fulfills your everyday scheduling needs. It comes with lots of benefits while creating teams in the Sales hub. The completed meetings and team automatically appear in your meeting tool. The application allows you to extract data from other integrated applications that you can easily use during meetings. It comes with in-build meeting tools but doesn’t allow third-party integrations.


For closing deals and managing a follow-up with your clients, you can rely on MixMax. The email client of Mixmax works with Gmail as a google chrome extension. You can get the actual sales follow-up through the inbuilt features of this application. The meeting tool of Mixmax allows you to move your leads through a pipeline. MixMax helps streamline the sales process via Gmail. 

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