17 Best Doodle Alternatives

Doodle Alternatives

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Doodle is a widely used online scheduling and voting tool around the world with over 30 million happy users per month. It is considered a fast and easy-to-use software for planning everything from meetings to the upcoming great collaboration and simultaneously hosting an online survey and survey to get direct opinions and feedback.

But an increasing number of users are looking for better Doodle Alternatives as their rivals offer more advanced features at a more competitive pricing.

If you are looking for free alternatives to Doodle, we have the cover you are looking for! Check out the 17 Best Doodle alternatives for 2023 and the upcoming.


Smoopit is an easy, reasonable, and flexible appointment scheduling software. Smoopit comes with clear and vivid instructions that every user can easily follow. It offers a forever-free plan. The paid plan is also quite reasonable, which is $2 per month. This can be used for scheduling any interviews, educational purposes, or customer success. You can schedule meetings without worrying about the time zones by seeing your user’s availability and free slots. 


Accelo is an intelligent and automated platform allowing you to run your business using Cloud. It has an in-build powerful system that connects all aspects of your business and puts them under a cloud umbrella. Using Accelo, different teams can work seamlessly and work across different time zones. It manages your work so well that you can remain tension free and expand your business easily. 


Vyte is a new application compared to Doodle. It allows you to keep syncing across different calendars and make adjustments according to the time zone shifts of your client. Vyte also offers a few features of Doodle but has a unique design and detailing compared to Doodle. 


Arrangr is an easier and smart way to schedule meetings or get connected with a single click. It allows you to get connected online or in person without worrying about free slots or time management issues. It allows you to get rid of frustrating emails, phone calls, and message reminders about your pending tasks. In less than 30 seconds, you can arrange a meeting. 

What Time Today

This app gives you wings to fly and enjoy life independently. You don’t have to move back and forth to see the suitable time for scheduling meetings. You can easily book slots using this application. It provides you with a hassle-free experience of booking slots without continuous emails. This is a forever-free tool that manages your meetings with a click. 


It reduces the long steps of scheduling meetings and sending links to the clients. You can send customised links to your clients for scheduling meetings. It allows all recipients to overlay their calendar on top of your calendar to find mutual availability for scheduling a meeting. With SavvyCal, one can make changes in different meetings with a single click. The premium paid plans of SavvyCal start at $12 per month.


Cogsworth is an effective tool that helps businesses manage appointments and bookings without tension or miscalculation. This app makes sure that you take advantage of all great opportunities. This app helps you eliminate double booking issues and helps streamline all bookings. Your clients can book time as per your availability. Cogsworth offers a $2 trial for 45 days, and the premium paid plans start at $9 monthly. The automatic booking feature of this app makes it worth trying.

Chili Piper

It is an excellent and efficient application for your business dealings. Whenever someone fills in an online form, the application helps qualified leads book a meeting or instantly start a phone call if any representatives are available. If you really need to engage the qualified leads on your website and get them to schedule time with your sales team, then Chili piper will help you a lot. It helps you book, manage, and track all individual and group meetings. 


MeetFox allows you to focus on your real work without delving into appointments and routine meetings. MeetFox covers all the tasks from start to end, including online appointments, video calls, secure payments, and invoices. MeetFox promises to make your life simpler and grow your business from anywhere in the world. 


If you want to save time and energy, try Calbot, which quickly scans the calendars of your clients and highlights gaps where you can all sit and meet. It helps you lift the burden off your shoulders of checking the slots of your clients and then scheduling the meeting accordingly. It also offers you a free account which offers limited sign-ups. You can also get its paid version which offers 14 days free trial service as well. 


Calendly has integrations with Office 365, Google, and other calendar platforms, which enables the application to find a suitable time for scheduling meetings for you. It takes care of different time zones and the free slots to manage your time effectively and schedule meetings. Calendly is linked with Google calendar, which makes Google Calendar automatically shows all your planned meetings.


Schedule.cc allows users to control all event types, one-on-one and group meetings. All features integrate with your workflow seamlessly using different features like event scheduler, AI assistant, appointment scheduler, and meeting planner. Schedule.cc provides you with ease and comfort by scheduling your appointment as per your availability with anyone at any time. The integrated AI features help in sending automated replies within seconds. It offers a free trial to its users and $14.99 per user for all integrated apps.

TeamTimes for Mac

TeamTimes tracks all the team members by seeing their locations and connecting them via phone numbers. This application helps find the right time to schedule a meeting by seeing all members’ time zones and free slots. It helps you schedule meetings within the application and automatically sends emails to all group members. It is an excellent app that helps distributed teams in working together effectively.  


Elephant is an excellent app for your business as it doesn’t let you miss any event. It helps you create reminders through simple text messages and helps you remember all your important dates, events, and milestones. It enables you to create reminders for yourself, your family, and your friends. Whenever you need to rely on a good reminder, Elephant comes forward to help. 


Datelist allows you to add a booking calendar directly to your website in two simple clicks. It allows you to take appointments online. DateList has amazing features of online booking, service support, calendar synchronization, email notifications, phone notifications, and an optional payment page. It also offers free accounts; the paid plans range from 4.99€ to 9.99€ a month. It is useful for all sorts of small and large businesses. 


Acuity is a wonderful application that makes it easy to schedule and control appointments as per your availability. You can showcase only that calendar to your clients which is relevant to them. Acuity supports auto-adjust time zones. It saves you from the hassle of manual time zone settings.


Timy provides the safest and fastest way to schedule messages through Slack. Timy is an adjustable Slack app that allows everyone to focus on their work without worrying about sending messages and scheduling meetings. It is used and trusted by several organizations which schedule unlimited messages in any time zone of your preference. You can schedule messages for up to one year (365 days) and send recurring messages anytime. A free version is available for Timy and a paid premium version with 14 days trial period. 

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