16 Best Free Resources for Support Agents

16 Best Free Resources for Support Agents

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Support agents are the crucial element of any organization because they represent an organization in front of its customers. An organization can enhance their efficiency by using the free resources for support agents.

Free resources help an organization to save money, time, and efforts simultaneously; isn’t it amazing? No doubt! Free resources can make your work life better in many ways. So we have brought together some best free resources for support agents.

Who Are the Support Agents?

Support agents answer customers’ queries, integrate with customers, receive and solve customer complaints. A support agent can do many more things, from customer engagement to customer retention. 

Some companies hire support agents, many companies have customer support teams, and big companies usually create separate departments for customer support.

How Does Free Resources Help Support Agents?

Free resources are available in many forms, i.e. free software, informative blogs and free tools for support agents. Free software helps the support agents to align their activities. Other free tools are also helpful to make the flow of information better. 

Blogs provide information to improve your daily activities, and informative blogs keep users updated about industrial news. In short, all the resources help the support agents to enhance their productivity.

Best Free Resources for Support Agents


Support agents can have a shared inbox facility on Zendesk. They can collaborate seamlessly through Zendesk. It removes all the communication barriers and makes the flow of information smoother for both parties.

Zendesk provides some fantastic features on the free version. Organizations with a high budget can use its paid version for some advanced features. Support agents can easily obtain the customer’s satisfaction through this software.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Automation
  • Better flow of information
  • Shared inbox
  • Seamless integration
  • Enable tracking
  • Daily reports sharing


LiveAgent offers live support channels to develop a better customer support system. It helps the agents to handle unlimited phone calls and messages from the customers. LiveAgent also provides reporting features.

Have you ever wished for seamless integration? LiveAgent makes it possible, which helps to make the best customer support system. This software offers primary features in the free version, and premium versions are available for further access.


  • Unlimited phone calls and messages
  • Reporting
  • System integration
  • Smooth flow of information
  • Live support channels
  • Automation


Hootsuite is a great software that helps to engage customers in many ways. Support agents can schedule the posts on several social media platforms that help to run different selling and customer support campaigns.

Support agents can create, edit and upload different tickets on social media platforms. The fantastic thing is you can do it all through a single interface. It provides smooth integration with various software to make communication better.


  • Integrates with other software
  • Enable social media posting
  • Customer engagement programs
  • Content scheduling
  • Reports sharing 


Facebook is a platform where almost all business owners create pages to engage customers. Support agents can use Facebook audiences to convey their messages to customers through posting and automated replies.

Facebook and WhatsApp are interconnected, so you can give a WhatsApp approach button on the Facebook page through which customers can directly communicate with support agents. Both platforms support audio, video and image sharing.


  • Integration
  • Complaints handling system
  • Customer engagement programs
  • Posting
  • Content and link sharing
  • Images, videos and files sharing


HelpScout provides various features to make your customer support system better and more reliable. It automates the system to reduce manual handling. HelpScout also enables the support agents with shared inbox and live chat options.

Support agents can use the beacon empower system that decreases the volume of messages, and customers are empowered enough to solve their maximum issues. It saves the system replies to maintain a record and show the insights for evaluation.


  • Saves Replies
  • Show insights
  • Shared inbox
  • Live chat
  • Beacon empowerment


Slack doesn’t only make the outward flow of information smoother but also helps to align the activities inside the organization. Customer support agents can communicate with higher management and customers through a single interface.

Customer support agents can create different channels and run various customer support programs through this software. Slack helps to collaborate and allows the support agents to integrate multiple activities.


  • Channels creation
  • Better collaboration
  • Automation
  • Customer support
  • Live chat

Jira Service Desk

Jira has a slightly complex interface which is maybe difficult to use for ordinary support agents. However, it offers comprehensive features that enable faster collaboration. 

Customer support agents can make better engagement plans using Jira, and they can also implement them efficiently. It enables features like live chatting and task tracking.


  • Collaboration
  • Live chatting
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Integration


SurveyMonkey provides several free templates to obtain customer feedback. SurveyMonkey not only helps to create better customer support but also helps to keep the customers engaged through better communication.

Customer support agents can also obtain insights that help them to evaluate the improvements and shortcomings. An organization can get a competitive advantage through evaluation and a better customer support system.


  • Enables to evaluate
  • Better collaboration
  • Free templates
  • Obtain customer feedback
  • Show insights


Recurly is valuable software to manage the user’s subscriptions. Online subscription handling is not a complex task if you are using Recurly. Support agents can handle daily subscriptions by automating the billing system.

Recurly also integrates with other management tools to give you a better experience. Users don’t even need to change tabs to see the subscription and track the progress. Support agents can also offer discount codes and seasonal offers through Recurly.


  • Subscription management
  • Integration
  • Several billing options
  • Enables to offer discount codes


Looms help the customer support agents to solve the customer’s issues through videos. It enables sharing videos with the audience, and during the video, users can also move the cursor around the screen to emphasize the video details. 

Customer support agents can create a unique video link to share it effortlessly. It offers the most engaging way of interacting with customers, enabling the support agents to obtain customer satisfaction.


Videos sharing

Highlight the details

Enables integration

Live videos 

Customer engagement


The customer support department is never able to reply to millions of customers’ queries and complaints. So, the tribe solves this issue by enabling the support agents to create communities where customers can interact with each other.

Customers answer each other’s queries and share their experiences in the tribe communities. Customer support agents also communicate with customers in these communities. Some customers have years of experience with a particular brand to answer different customers’ queries efficiently.


  • Communities creation
  • Empower customers
  • Peer to peer information sharing
  • Effortless customer engagement campaigns

Sprout Social

Every business wants to make their social media representation through social media pages, posts, photos and videos on leading social media platforms. Sprout social helps to align customer requests on each social media platform, and support agents can view all the demands on a single interface.

Sprout Social allows the support agents to seamlessly schedule social media posts and manage your social media accounts. It helps companies to engage the customers and make a better representation of their business on social media.


  • Post scheduling
  • Customer engagement programs
  • Customers requests handling 
  • Integration


StatusPage offers ultimate customer engagement. It is a helpful software to make announcements, give offers and address a primary issue to a large audience. Support agents can make posts to keep the customers updated.

It enables support agents to run promotional campaigns and is equally effective when a company wants to address customer issues. 


  • Posting
  • Promotional campaigns
  • News sharing
  • Daily updates


Wistia enables the customer support teams to add videos to the informative content. Informative videos can effectively deliver the message to customers, and support agents can emphasize certain things through videos.

Support agents can also see the video insights, including the number of views. So they can evaluate the effectiveness of their videos which help them to make improvements.


  • Video sharing
  • Video insights
  • Navigation of video parts
  • Better collaboration


Slab enables the support agents to centralize their information in a knowledge base. Organized data can be easily accessed, used and evaluated. The immediate daily needs can be easily fulfilled by using an internal database.

The slab is a helpful tool for support agents to manage their daily activity data. Support agents can maintain the contact information of specific customers by using the slab.


  • Internal database
  • Maintain records
  • Create checklists
  • Save contact information
  • Enables collaboration

HubSpot Service Hub

Hubspot is a handy tool for customer support agents. They can go for a live chat option through HubSpot to engage the customer and solve the issues and complaints received from the customer’s side.

Hubspot offers a shared inbox to communicate seamlessly. Customer support agents can collaborate effortlessly through this software.


  • Shared inbox
  • Live chat
  • Collaboration
  • System automation

Informative Blogs


Adweek provides market news and updates to the users. Its blog is also informative and includes strategies, tips and tricks to support customers in the best possible way. 

Support agents should keep themselves up to date with the market knowledge, and they should keep learning new market trends to handle the customers efficiently.

Provide Support

Provide Support works on the fact that customer support is an essential element in any company. It is a company that helps businesses to make the best customer support system by using several tactics.

This company owns a blog that includes informative stuff related to customer complaints handling and satisfying the customers through customer support agents. 

National Business Research Institute

NBRI is a firm that is involved in business research and development programs. If you say that NBRI is a comprehensive source of information, then it is not an exaggeration. It actually offers information in many ways.

Support agents can get ebooks, informative blogs, posts and videos related to customer support. It includes many valuable strategies to make a competent customer support team.


Support agents can enhance their productivity by reading this informative blog. Groove provides the researched material, statistics, and reports on customer behavior and support. It also includes strategies for customer retention and importance. 

Final words

Customer support activities can never be specialized enough; there is always room for improvement. So, support agents should keep updating their knowledge and system to bring innovation to customer support programs.

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