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Do you want to pursue your career as an event planner? If yes, this guide is all about event planning and free online resources for event planners. The information included in this article can help you a lot throughout your event planning journey. 

Different event planners work differently, but the free event planning resources stated below can help every event planner equally. The free resources enhance the profit margin and productivity of event planners.

How Free Online Resources Help Event Planners?

Online resources mean online event planning software, tools and event inspiration guides that help the event planners in different ways to optimize their performance. 

Event planners use event planning tools to automate their work. Event planning software is also helpful for quick tasks and enables event planners to integrate with their teams. 


Kapow is a tool that helps event planners to search venues for events. The venue plays a crucial role in making an event successful, so this tool helps event planners to make their events successful.

You can get a unique list of venues through kapow. The unique list of venues will include the venues according to the certain event requirements. So event organizers can easily conduct any event, including corporate events.


Coogle is a perfect tool to integrate all the stakeholders of an event. This platform ensures the smooth flow of information among the teammates and stakeholders.

While cross-sharing ideas, a team can have a healthy discussion, leading to a perfect decision related to an event. Every teammate could have different opinions related to an event. So all the team members can put their views and ideas together at a single interface on this platform.

The Head of the event can approve the good ideas, opinions and plans of team members through coogle, and they can get a perfect event plan. 

Social Tables

It is one of the popular free event planning tools. Event planners can search venues with the help of this software. 

The most fantastic feature of this tool is it offers event planning through 3D diagrams of venues. It enables the event planners to plan the process virtually. Event planners can also evaluate sitting order, stage arrangement and entrance compatibility through 3D diagrams.


Event management agencies and companies use Yodeck to handle several projects. It is a beneficial tool for managing several event agreements and documents. Yodeck can be used on PCs, laptops, and mobile phones to quickly access the details.

Event managers can draft and manage the documents on this tool. It also allows the users to organize the records of each project separately. 

A document can be labeled, and Users can also pin certain documents and instantly access those documents’ status. 

Cvent Supplier Network

The venue selection always depends upon the nature of the event and the number of attendees. 

This tool provides a list of venues and their characteristics(pricing and capacity). So the user can select the most suitable venue according to the event’s requirements.

It also provides the feature of a 3D diagram that is essential to estimating different factors of an event. 3D diagramming also lets event planners plan the event from each aspect, even before an event. 

Wedding spot

It is a search engine to search for the best wedding and engagement function venues. Users can set the filters to get a list of venues according to their requirements.

It has a perfect feature of using searching filters that includes the filters of price, venue details and characteristics. Users can also access the venue’s capacity. So they can choose a venue according to the number of attendees.


 It is named the mind map because users can map out their thoughts to make them a reality. It enables the users to organize their daily event management activities. Users can create and manage their to-do lists.

It is a comprehensive software for individual event planners. Users draft their random ideas in this tool and then mold them into a proper plan. So this software helps an event planner throughout the event planning journey.


Do you want to align your team’s activities? Why not? Everyone wants to do so. Basecamp enables the users to align their team activities, bringing all team member’s activities and performance at a single interface.

Making actionable plans organizing and tracking your team’s performance is a matter of minutes with this management tool. 

Multiple projects can be easily handled through this software. Users can pin the essential tasks and to-do lists to track the project’s status at a glance.


This tool is perfect for event management teams. Event managers can design and pursue their daily activities through this software. Users can also upload names, photos and brand logos to make better recognition.

This tool has an easy-to-use interface. Users can manage their human resources and financial and physical resources through this software. This tool also helps in sourcing supplies and equipment for events.

Give Smart

Event managers can use this platform for fundraising for an event. This tool can be used as a mobile application. It has a simple and nice interface that any ordinary person can handle.

It is a platform that helps to get funds for an event. Event managers can add a campaign to get donations. This platform also helps event managers to manage event tickets.

Greetings Island

As shown by its name, this software helps to greet the stakeholders of an event. Users can send invitation emails from pre-designed templates on this platform. It is an effective way to engage the audience.

This software enables the users to send gift cards, exclusive photos and videos of events. Users can surprise the audience, chef guests or sponsors with gift cards. A single gift card or mail can instantly be sent to all recipients. Multiple templates are available on this website, and they are free to use.


This tool enables the smooth flow of information during event management. It allows the users to manage the flow of information at a single interface. 

This platform facilitates businesses in business texting and allows event managers to manage the communication with sponsors, clients and attendees. Event managers can also take all the attendees on board if required. 


It integrates with many event management tools to enhance your productivity. It helps to keep you engaged with loyalty programs. 

This software is one of the best integrating software. It enables the users to exchange tickets and manage the event details and funds.


Many event managers use this platform as an all-in-one tool. It helps to manage the activities. Users can write their random ideas and summarise them to make an actionable plan. So this tool helps to create and implement the strategies.

Users can organize several tasks through Corkulous. It allows the users to pin the images and phrases to make things easier. is an effective project management tool; however, it can be helpful in event management due to its fantastic features. This tool makes things simpler and helps users organize daily tasks simply.

This software has attractive visuals that keep the users engaged. Team members can see and track project deadlines and performance history through graphs, charts and color codes. This tool also facilitates the flow of information among the event’s stakeholders.


It is considered an all-in-one event management tool because it is a tool that helps to create, implement and follow up your plans through a single interface. In other words, this software allows users throughout the event planning journey.

Users can design a standard template that can be used repeatedly. Users can manage all the event-related contacts on the same page. It also allows users to track and download the event data reports.

Ticket Tailor

It is a perfect platform for designing event tickets. It provides multiple templates that can be used to create event tickets.

It is perfect for those event managers who want to make and organize event tickets effortlessly. It also automates your data tracking system. 

Wild Apricot

This tool helps in event management activities, including planning, engaging the audience, greeting VIPs and follow-ups. 

This software takes all your team members or board. Repetitive events with the same audience need continuous engagement, so this platform allows the users to communicate with attendees effortlessly.


Event managers can create tickets on this platform. Isn’t this amazing to create, promote, and sell on the same interface? This tool helps you to get all these things on a single interface. Users advertise and sell event tickets on this platform. 

The audience can see the event’s features like seating arrangement and venue through this tool. They can also reserve their seat through seat numbers. It allows you to send tickets through emails. 


This tool helps manage the main event’s activities like planning, sourcing and organizing. It also optimizes the sale of event tickets by increasing the reach.

It is a helpful software to manage the financial details of an event. Event managers can organize their budgets and obtain quick resorts through Tripleseat. Managers can also evaluate the event’s success through ROI.


Event managers who want to keep the audience engaged through social media posts can use this tool. Everwall enables the users to create and upload event updates.

Users can instantly create customized designs for social media posts and use them to attract attendees. 

Final Words

Event managers can automate their activities by choosing the right event management tool. They can select a free event management resource according to their requirements. These free resources will help them to organize their activities and enhance their productivity throughout their management journey. 

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