How to Improve Employees’ Attendance at Workplace?

How to Improve Employees' Attendance at Workplace?

Have you ever faced increased absenteeism issues at your workplace? If you have faced this issue, you must be aware of its consequences. It decreases motivation, productivity, and, ultimately, the profit ratio of your business.

Now the question is, “how to improve employees’ attendance at workplace?” This question is crucial; if you find its answer, you are at the right place. This article includes some tips to improve attendance at the workplace.

Analyze Previous Attendance Record

It is crucial to maintain attendance records daily. Attendance records can help you to improve employees’ attendance at workplace. You must check the attendance records regularly to keep an eye on the following things.

  • Any particular trends in the record?
  • Rate of absenteeism.
  • Check the punctuality of employees.
  • How many employees are regular?

After analyzing the points mentioned above, you can make a plan of action to improve attendance. 

Find Reasons for Absenteeism

Employees who are usually absent on Saturday or Monday do it for a double holiday. Study the patterns of absenteeism and identify the particular trends in them. It will help you to find out the reasons for absenteeism.

You can also ask questions from your employees about absenteeism rates and trends. After identifying the reason for absenteeism, you can cope with it.

Deliver Your Expectations

To improve the employees’ attendance at workplace, you have to communicate your expectations to your employees. When you give them daily, weekly and monthly targets, they must be present to fulfill the targets.

Keep employees engaged by describing the goals and vision of the organization and employees’ roles in achieving those goals. Once the employees know about the company’s expectations, they will feel motivated, and you will see a clear improvement in attendance.

Enquire from Employees 

Make the employees answerable about absenteeism. If employees are habitual of taking leaves, call a meeting and discuss the issue. 

You can also enquire from several employees about the particular trends in attendance. For instance, if employees are usually absent on Friday. Ask them and make Friday an off day instead of Sunday. However, it is crucial to enquire before taking suitable action.

Make Rules and Regulations

The most effective strategy to control the absenteeism rate is to make rules and regulations. Allow 2 or 3 monthly leaves to employees and apply a condition that they must provide a genuine reason and proof to take leave.

Make sure to deliver information about rules and regulations to each employee. Also, take necessary actions to ensure that each employee follows the rules.

Punishment Plan

What if an employee doesn’t follow the rules and regulations? A simple solution is a punishment plan. Make a punishment plan and deliver it to employees. Also, introduce a salary deduction process for a specific absenteeism rate.

Ask employees to do the double work the next day when absent. The fear of increased workload will eliminate the chances of absenteeism. 


Remember to appreciate your employees when they are punctual and regular, and announce rewards on a certain attendance percentage. 

You can give rewards such as:

  • Bonus
  • Increment
  • Promotion

Try to celebrate the team’s success and encourage your employees. It will increase their motivation, and you will also see an improvement in their attendance record.

Training and Development

Employees’ training and mind-making are very crucial. If you keep them engaged through these activities, their work engagement will help you to improve attendance.

Try to conduct training programs and seminars in your organization to keep your employees active and updated. It will directly affect their work efficiency, punctuality, and attendance.

Start from Higher Management

Observe whether the higher management of your organization comes regularly and timely in the workplace or not. Employees usually adopt organizational culture by observing higher management. So make your higher management punctual and regular. It will affect the lower-level workers’ and employees’ attendance. 

Final Words

Make plans, implement and evaluate them to improve the employees’ attendance at workplace. We have described strategies and habits that you can adopt for attendance improvement. These strategies will help you improve employees’ attendance at workplace and enhance the motivation and engagement of your employees.

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