What is Applicant Tracking System?

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An applicant tracking system is an essential tool for the advanced hiring process. Applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that helps recruiters and employers to fulfill their hiring needs. Amazingly! It simplifies the whole recruitment process to facilitate employers.

ATS offers many features and benefits. Every feature adds value to the recruitment process. To cover all these factors, we have segmented this article into the following parts:

Why is the Applicant Tracking System Used?

Large organizations and top employers hire many employees simultaneously. They need help to handle thousands of applications manually. To eliminate this fatigue, employers use applicant tracking systems.

Employers don’t have to worry about multiple job hirings and a significant number of applications. They can handle all this stuff easily by using ATS. It also manages all recruitment-related data in one place. 

How does ATS Works?

ATS simplifies recruitment by collecting, shortlisting, and managing job applications. Once you update your job posts, it starts collecting applications. It allows the applicants to see their application status.

In simpler words, you can manage all the recruitment processes through a single interface. ATS provides the following dominant features:

  • View and track applications
  • Search by skills or job title
  • Rank the applications
  • Store and manage resume
  • Collaboration among teammates

Benefits of Using ATS

Saves Your Time

ATS automates the system to an extent where the manual requirements of the process are minimized. Users need to manually perform a few recruitment activities, saving them time and effort.

Time is money, and this is what we get by using ATS. It also provides some advanced features that need plenty of time if you manually perform them.

Data management

Data management is a crucial task. Businesses can only enhance their productivity level with proper data management. Luckily, ATS offers smooth management of all the hiring details of candidates. 

Proper data management leads to a smooth recruitment process. Eventually, you can find the best talent for a job quickly and easily.

Better Reach

ATS enhances the reach of your job postings. It automatically shares your job posting to several social media platforms. Manually sharing job posting to different platforms requires so much effort and time.

Moreover, ATS gives you an overview of reach and response. It helps you to obtain more applications by sharing them with more audiences. Hence, you will see an apparent increase in the reach of job postings.

Effective Communication

Don’t you want to share the necessary details of your recruitment details with the applicants? Applicant tracking systems let you communicate effectively with your audience. Sharing it will keep them engaged, and it looks professional.

Automatic messages, instant responses, and updates make the entire process attractive and professional. ATS also lets you generate responses in pre-designed templates.

Quick and Easy Hiring

ATS automation lets us do easy and quick hiring. Users can automate the shortlisting process by setting particular criteria through ATS. Also, it makes the whole process more effective through several exciting features. 

Convenient for Both Parties

ATS facilitates both employers and their target audience in different ways. It allows employers to enjoy the benefits of several online features. On the other hand, applicants receive timely feedback and application status tracking options.

Shortlisting, interviewing, and data management occur seamlessly from a single portal. So, users don’t have to worry about handling and managing many applications, emails, and relevant information.

Cost Effective

ATS provides various unique features cost-effectively. We all know that automated recruitment processes involve application screening which can be very expensive. However, ATS offers the features like shortlisting, integration, job posting, and screening at the most affordable prices. It also provides us with a reasonable cost per hire.

Key Takeaways

ATS makes the recruitment process effortless. It also ensures smooth communication among applicants and employers. Organizations that hire employees monthly must use ATS to make this process cost-effective and professional. We have listed the benefits and all the necessary details about ATS. So, read it out and update your system by taking such software on board.

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