18 Best Calendly Alternatives

Calendly Alternatives

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Calendly is a scheduling tool that helps businesses manage their schedules better. The service allows employees to create events and book time slots for meetings or appointments. It is an excellent tool for managing employee schedules. Check out these 18 Best Calendly Alternates if you want to try other alternatives.

18 Best Calendly Alternatives

Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings is one of the popular Calendly alternatives. It comes with excellent free and paid plans starting from $6 per month only. Zoho bookings help you create one-to-one and group bookings. It is the best software for those who are tired of receiving emails about appointments. Zoho booking provides multiple options for creating and scheduling online meetings and providing several payment gateways. The emails, booking pages, and domain are customizable. It also helps you integrate this app with other business applications. It is workable for both iOS and Android mobile applications. 

Acuity Scheduling

Small businesses mainly use Acuity Scheduling. Acuity helps businesses to handle complex availability easily. It helps with uneven schedules and recurring and helps in generating more revenue through features like memberships, coupons, and gifts. Acuity allows vaulting credit cards for paid appointments. The pricing plans introduced by Acuity are not solopreneur-friendly. Acuity does not give per-user billing options.


One of the shining features of Setmore is its mobile application. This application is free of distractions and helps you navigate and find features to train yourself well. Setmore also provides live chat support with a well-documented help service. The pricing is affordable, and there are advantages for larger teams that give lower prices for each staff member. Setmore has integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Slack, and other website builders. Setmore is a good application for sales teams, business consultations, and service businesses but it is not exclusively made for any one of them. Therefore, it lacks depth in any specific area. 

10to8 Scheduling

For service-based businesses, 10to8 scheduling is a quite handy and user-friendly application. It comes with different features and is perfect for those businesses that require visiting customers to perform any service. 10to8 is basically a cloud-based application for small to large businesses. A customised booking website is provided to the 10to8 scheduling clients where your customers can easily schedule appointments and pay for services. Clients have the leverage to schedule, cancel or reschedule the appointment using a 10to8 scheduling application. 


It is one of the diverse software for appointment scheduling because of its unique features. It is present in many different languages to meet the customers’ needs. Moreover, many payment methods are provided to the customers to make them comfortable. The appointment-booking interface provides clear and brief instructions that everyone can easily follow to schedule an appointment with you. It also has a dashboard to show you the canceled and approved appointments.  

Hubspot Meetings

Hubspot’s meeting fulfills your common scheduling needs. It provides you with a lot of benefits. It allows you to create teams in the Sales hub, which will automatically reflect in your meeting tool, and it also allows you to take data from other Hubspot applications and use them while setting up the meetings. Hubspot Sales Hub also provides a meeting tool you can’t buy separately, which means that the meeting tool doesn’t support any integrations with third-party tools.


You can rely on YouCanBookMe to schedule your appointments and meetings. It is one of the widely used tools in the education and university sectors. It can be used individually and even with your team. This simple tool depends on external calendars to set up meeting availability. It doesn’t support a built-in calendar. YouCanBookMe costs around $10 per month with a linked calendar, but they also offer special discounts for the education sector. 


Doodle is one of the most popular and earliest online meeting scheduling applications. It comes with polls, bookable calendars, and surveys. When you are trying to find a suitable time to meet with a group, then Poll is a great option for you. The bookable calendar helps you share your availability with others and let them find a suitable time to talk to you. Surveys help you find the opinions of other people regarding your work. Doodle offers mobile applications, a dedicated success manager, training support, SSO, and priority support. All these features help in penetrating larger companies or organisations. Doodle is an excellent application to use if your meetings are internal. 


vCita is one of the various apps for appointment scheduling for small businesses. The best feature of the vCita is that your visitors can schedule an appointment with you through your website, and you can easily view that in your vCita calendar. This app could be more user-friendly in terms of checking appointments. You have to zoom in properly to check your scheduled appointments. 


As the name suggests, it allows its users to schedule an appointment 24/7. It keeps a record of all the meetings, business dealings, and all administrative tasks. Moreover, the appointment allows you to receive payments from your clients before the scheduled appointment. It is user-friendly in terms of its setting because it will enable you to keep separate privacy for each team member. In addition to all the exciting features, it also gives you a graph that helps you understand the current trends in the market. 


Mixmax is one of the eBay sales follow-up tools, and it doesn’t contain all the features of Calendly. It is one of the finest apps for following up with customers and closing many deals. The email client of Mixmax works with Gmail as a google chrome extension. The integrations with recruitment software, CRMs, and task modules give actual sales follow-up. In order to move your leads through a pipeline, you can use the meeting tool feature of Mixmax. Mixmax can only help you streamline the processes of sales conversations via Gmail. 


It helps you easily schedule your meeting using your iPhone. One of the exciting features of HitCal is its keywords, allowing you to point out your scheduled and free slots. You can select the title of your meeting and any links you want to add. HitCal gives a free trial account as well.


The powerful scheduling tool of X.ai checks your availability and preferences to find an ideal time based on your multiple calendars. X.ai also sends direct links to the clients of the scheduled meetings. X.ai offers a free trial with lots of exciting features. The paid individual subscription costs $8 per month, and the team subscription costs around $12 per month. It is a very easy-to-use software to schedule meetings without any complexities. 


Woven is a handy and quick tool to carve out time for your tasks. With Woven, one can send links, create groups, and show your availability to your clients without leaving the calendar. You need not use scheduling and calendar applications because Woven has built-in features for all these services.


‘Where’ helps you know about your team so that you can schedule the meetings accordingly. It allows you to set up your office to onboard your team in minutes. ‘Where’ is set up using Slack, so you don’t need to create new passwords or logins. It allows you to get rid of manual entries in spreadsheets. It simply allows you to divide your office into manageable spaces and schedule your routine work accordingly.


Monday.com is one of the finest apps for managing, monitoring, and tracking the workloads of your business. It is a user-friendly app that allows teams to run workflows and projects confidently. It allows users to have easy communication and collaboration with other team members. It comes with great inner scheduling services as compared to Calendly.

Pick Time

Picktime helps you create hassle-free appointments regardless of your time zone. You just ended up setting some reservation rules, and then your page is all set to be shared with the clients. Picktime offers high-quality free plans, but if you want an upgrade, you can also do that. Unlike Calendly, Picktime allows you to connect with Paypal using a free plan. Picktime still needs to be compatible with Android or iOS, but it may come with this feature in the near future. 


Like Calendly, Clockwise allows you to find the best time everyone can easily meet. The major goal of Clockwise is to make sure that you focus on your work without worrying about your appointments and scheduling intricacies. Clockwise helps you from getting distracted and focus on your actual work without any interruptions. Clockwise offers both free and premium plans. 

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