11 Best Customer Success Tools

11 Best Customer Success Tools

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What are customer success tools?

Customer success tools are the type of tools that help in improving the customer business relationship. Such useful tools include:

  • Analytic tools
  • Live chat tools
  • Customer health tools
  • Feedback tools
  • CRMs
  • Help desks

This article presents a few of the best customer success tools which can help you bring improvements to your business.


Live the majority of businesses use chat tools to improve the customer experience. Customers can easily contact the company in case of any query. The customers feel satisfied with the live chat tools. A few of the best live chat and support tools are given below:

  • Ramen
  • Drift
  • Intercom


Ramen provides an excellent live chat service where customers get to see the right questions at the right time. This platform also provides an opportunity to get feedback from customers. Therefore, you get 2 in 1 by using Ramen for the custom tool set. It provides a free version of 50 survey responses and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. The customer success team works along with the product team to provide a reliable and smooth interface to the customers. 


Drift is a tool that can get integrated with your website and your product too. It majorly focuses on revenue generation and sales. Customers can easily access you using drift. It offers a free plan. Drift also supports custom gifs and videos to be sent in chat. 


Intercom is a live chat tool that provides a wholesome customer lifecycle experience. It also offers mobile messaging and product tour options to give a perfect experience to the customers. All sorts of businesses can rely on the intercom to have a good customer service experience. It works best for the teams who want to check on the feedback on the new products or services offered by them. Intercom is a reliable tool to live an automation experience for scaling up customer engagement.


A successful company is one that acts on customer feedback. The customer’s feedback plays an important role in every business. The customer feedback managers should collect the feedback and report it to the concerned department to solve customer issues. A few of the best customer feedback tools are mentioned below:

  • Promoter.io 
  • Wootric 
  • Freshsuccess


It is an excellent tool that helps in taking surveys and managing customer feedback. The feedback is divided into different categories and then tagged as per their category. Companies with large customer bases can easily depend on this tool. The most minor plan of Promoter.io can help you with 10,000 surveys a month.  


Wootric is a helpful tool for getting customer feedback and helps you to analyze the results. It focuses on NPS and provides customer satisfaction and customer effect scores. Wootric is a great option for collecting survey responses. It is best for predictive analysis. The companies use the response data to improve their services.


Freshsuccess provides a platform for tracking the customer’s health scores. It helps companies with user management. The major aspect of Freshsuccess is applying machine learning methods to the collected data. You can rely on this tool for handling big companies and large teams.


In order to improve the customer experience, it is important to know how your users interact with the specific product and the website. There are a lot of features through which you can track product usage and get data regarding customer behavior. You can use the data in any way to improve your product. A few of the best analytic tools are:

  • Kissmetrics 
  • Heap 
  • Mixpanel 


Kissmetrics is one of the best analytics tools for websites. The major focus of this product is on eCommerce business and SaaS. It works great for larger companies that have money for investing. It is an excellent fit for the customer success team that has close integration with the marketing team.


Heap provides an automated platform that automatically collects your website’s customer behavior and engagement data and helps you improve your product. The ‘Auto Capture’ tool of Heap is really helpful for collecting the data in real-time. Heap is an excellent tool for small to midsize companies. It offers a free version to its users as well. The companies can easily know and analyze the movement of customers using Heap.


Mixpanel is an analytics tool that has data analysis and deep reporting features. It helps you know the movement of customers on your website and specific products on Android, iOS, and the web as well. It works great for all-sized companies. It allows you to have a free starter account. The paid plans are also quite reasonable.


Only growing fast is not the major aim of the customer success team, but they also have to stop churn. It is important to retain customers and boost their lifetime value of customers. Below are the two best tools used as churn stoppers:

  • Churn Zero
  • Churn Buster

Churn Zero

After customer health surveys and NPS, Churn Zero activates the automated process of messaging to prevent churn. Customers who are on the brink of falling can be brought back by constant reminders easily. Churn Zero is a wonderful tool that analyses the customer’s health and then acts accordingly to prevent churn.

Churn Buster

It is an excellent tool for dealing with passive churn. It highlights the accounts which are more likely to miss any payment. It doesn’t let you miss any customers and keeps your customers healthy. It also acts as an additional tool to prevent churn. 

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