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Resources for Online Tutors

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A teacher always wants to teach in the best way to make students understand and learn better. An online tutor wants to create an engaging and conducive environment, so everyone involved in the setting can get the maximum benefit from it. This article will help online tutors find the best free resources to help them interact with their classes.



Nearpod is one of the excellent online resources for online classes. It allows a teacher to share links with students, where the teacher and student remain at one specific pace with each other. Using it, teachers can create quizzes, open-ended questions, blanks, polls, etc. Moreover, hundreds of lessons are already in the Nearpod library regarding different subject areas depending on the grade level. 

It offers three plans – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver is free, Gold costs $159/ year, and Platinum costs $397/year.


It is one of the excellent online resources, offering a wide variety of features for every subject like Mathematics, social studies, English, current events, etc. It never fails to amaze the students with its fun and fantastic interface. Kahoot works like a game show where the questions appear in front of students, and they choose the best answer per their understanding. The more quickly students will answer, the better their scores will be. There are clear instructions on Kahoot for both teachers and students, making it simple and easy for anyone to use.

It offers individual and team plans. The individual plans are categorized as a pro, premium, and premium plus. The pro costs $3/month, the premium costs $6/month, and the premium plus costs $9/month. The Team plans can be customized, and the Kahoot team helps you with the pricing.


Sporcle also provides an exciting and enjoyable Quiz experience. It is more measured but slower in pace than other websites. It offers a time constraint for the students to complete the quiz.

 Sporcle offers $4 for a month and $44 for a year, which includes all the premium features offered by Sporcle.


One of the most famous websites all over the world. The students like watching videos, and they learn by doing so. It is considered one of the best resources for teachers and activities for students. An online tutor can easily mingle Youtube with the subject. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube that present the specific topic. You can suggest students watch any particular video and can also share the video during class hours by screen sharing.

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month. Anyone can watch videos and upload content for free, but the premium subscription allows you to watch videos without ads.


Padlet is a really cool and perfect interface for online classes. It provides a board where you can add different boxes of different colors. Each box can be titled in the name of a student. Students can write their answers in the box, which will be visible on your screen. It helps a teacher have interactive lessons. It also provides a great space for practice tests, online classes, etc., for getting the desired learning outcomes. 

Padlet offers several plans for individual teachers, teams, groups, businesses, etc. The individual plan is $9.2/year to $18/year. Team pallet costs $32/year, and business costs $99 per user per month.


It is nearly impossible to gather all the notes and link them together. OneNote provides an exciting opportunity to place all your notes in one place without any fear of losing them.

One Note offers the basic free package, a premium package that costs $7.99/per month, and a business package for $14.99 per user for a month.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational website that offers free lessons and lectures on different subject areas. It offers mini-lessons on various topics, giving learners a quick overview in an online setting. You will find hundreds of results on Khan Academy’s official website.

National Geographic

It is considered the best friend of a budding artist. It is a beautiful website that gives you a fantastic experience with its fascinating graphics and informative articles. This website also has a kid’s version full of pictures and quick fun facts.

The digital offer starts from $2.99 monthly, and the extreme offer costs $29 for a year for both digital and print versions.

Google Calendar

A calendar is something important for both teachers and students. The tutor can sometimes forget the schedule if not planned appropriately. The Google Calendar can help a tutor know schedules and keeps the students in the loop.

Google offers three paid plans starting from $6 per month for a user, then a business plan for $12/per user/month, and the business plus costs $18/per user for a month.


Some people often ask if Duolingo can help a student learn a new language, then the simple answer is yes. It helps a great deal in learning any language. You can improve your written grammar, vocabulary, and spelling using Duolingo. It is an essential part of a modern language teacher’s resource. It is completely free of cost.

Tiny Cards

It is an extension of Duolingo. After Learning from Duolingo, the next step is to go for Tiny Cards. It is created by the same developers, which allows you to apply your knowledge gained from Duolingo here. Tiny Cards is an exciting website for tutors to use during their online sessions.


A student always needs various methods to learn different ideas and link things together. Visual learners learn better using charts, pictures, and graphs. Kinesthetic learners are more into physical and hands-on activities. Auditory learners learn best through podcasts. You can reinforce the same concepts taught by involving a podcast as a tutor.

A Dictaphone App

Sometimes, students need to catch up on a few points during online sessions. Therefore, they can simply record the sessions and listen to them later. This is a perfect website for language teachers as it helps with pronunciation and spoken quizzes to build students’ confidence.


Memrise is just like Duolingo but is more flexible in the interface. It allows you to create your own courses, using visual and written clues to help manage the memory bank. It was developed by a memory expert who involved memory learning techniques in learning.

The premium features of Memrise start from $8.49/per month, and a yearly subscription costs $59.99/per month. A lifetime subscription is also available for $119.99.


Math is actually fun, but it gets hard to teach it online. This website offers a vast and rich database of games and puzzles that a tutor can insert into his lessons. You can simply spice up your lessons using Coolmath.

How Stuff Works

Only learning theoretical knowledge is not going to take you anywhere. Knowing the usage and practical implementation of that knowledge can do wonders. This free website shows you how the stuff works. It is the best website that tells the students they are learning everything for a reason.

Quiver Vision

QuiverVision beautifully captures the child’s imagination. It matches the creativity of children by bringing their drawings to life. Students color the worksheet first, and after coloring, the teacher uses QuiverVision to capture the picture of that drawing to bring it to life.

It offers a free plan but also paid plans. It offers plans for 10, 50, 70, and 500 seats depending on the learning needs. The costs vary from country to country. The user can simply visit the website and contact the support team to know the subscription charges.


It is an excellent and helpful organizational application that revolves around books. This website contains images, graphs, worksheets, quizzes, and more. The resource bank of this website is a treasure box where you can find lots of interesting stuff for your students.

Draw and Tell

The fantastic, exciting, and cool activities are part of good tutoring. This website gives you a diverse and dynamic view of different topics. This makes the work interesting for both tutor and the students. It is free of cost.

Periodic Table App

The students have a periodic table in their bags all rolled up constantly, and they even lose it somewhere. It is best to use this application to have periodic tables on their screens every time. It also gives detailed information about all elements of the periodic table. It is free of cost.


Online tutors need more tools to engage students. The students get easily distracted just by seeing the slides and listening to the teacher’s voice. Therefore, it is important to use exciting tools and resources to keep the students engaged. 

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