6 Most Common Types of Meeting

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Meetings are important for every organization. They allow us to share information, discuss ideas, and collaborate on projects. In short, they enable us to get things done together.
But what makes a meeting effective? Six common types of meetings occur in organizations today.
Here’s a quick overview of each type of meeting.

Kick-Off Meetings

These meetings are scheduled at the beginning of a project. The kick-off meetings include the overall agenda of the project, and clear goals are set for the project along with the major problems to be solved. The whole project team is involved in this type of meeting.

These meetings are larger in size as they will cover all the major meeting goals and proper plans. These meetings also include the people from different firms that will be involved in the project.

Status Update Meetings

These meetings are called to check the current status of work. These meetings help keep the team aligned on the current state of their work. These meetings keep everyone on track. 

These Status Update Meetings can also be attended via video or audio calls because every team member shares the work progress.

One On One Meetings

One on One meetings are set between two people. Mostly the two people are the leader/boss and the employee. These meetings are mostly conversational in nature and are set to address a specific topic.

These meetings allow employees to talk with their boss in an easy environment. These meetings help the leaders to get realistic feedback, track personal goals and build good relationships with employees. 

Decision Making Meetings

Decision making meetings are formal in nature and are scheduled to make important decisions for the organisation. They are properly planned and structured and require teamwork to ensure success. 

The members of the decision making meetings are experts or leaders of the organisation. These team members have a broad knowledge about the specific subject and have the authority to impact the decision.  

Problem Solving Meetings

These meetings have a specific aim to come up with new ideas and solve the existing problems in any organisation. These meetings have a large number of people who can give their insight about any problem. The more people, the more ideas and solutions will be presented.

These types of meetings are also scheduled to create a new strategy for the future. The people who attend are often asked to come up with new ideas and solutions for the proposed problem.  

Team Building Meeting

The Team Building Meetings improve the work culture. Such meetings include team outings and corporate events. If the employees feel valued and respected, they will work to their best, and their work performance will eventually increase. 

Team Building meetings enable organizations to stay on the same page and celebrate little successes. Moreover, it allows the employees to ask questions and stay in touch with all the team members. 

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