5 Signs of Overworking at Work & How to Prevent it?

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Have you ever felt the difference between overworking and hardworking? Hard work usually positively affects work-life but overworking leads to various health issues. If you are practicing one of them, be ready for its consequences.

Well, how would you know whether you are overworking or hardworking? Don’t worry! We have summed up 5 signs of overworking at work. 

This article includes the following:

5 Signs of Overworking at Work

Health Issues

Unfortunately, overworking hits your health in the first place. It starts with minor body pains, including back, shoulders, neck pain, and headache. If your work routine involves more screen time, it affects your eyesight. 

If you get sick frequently, it means you are affected by overworking. The primary health issues could include the following:

  • Severe body pain
  • Temperature
  • Easily get tired
  • Excessively high or low blood pressure
  • Always been sleepy
  • Low productivity

Frustration and Stress

Overworking doesn’t only affect you physically, but it also affects your mental health. Its consequences appear as frustration and stress.

A person with a high workload will never behave like a person enjoying a healthy work life. Initially, frustration and stress will become a part of life. Eventually, the affected person will burn out. 

Insufficient Time

Do you always feel that you are always running out of time? If it is so, unfortunately, it is a sign of overworking. It means you are overloaded and need more time to complete your tasks. 

One of the reasons could be very tight deadlines. Secondly, you may be overloaded with a to-do list that needs unlimited time for completion.

Long To-do List

Overworking reduces productivity, making it hard to follow your daily to-do list. Hence the to-do list will become long and incompletable for you.

Mostly managers also assign long and incompletable tasks keeping in view the time required to complete those tasks. It leads to overworking and increases work stress in employees.

No Specific Working Hours

A long to-do list needs unlimited time for completion. In such cases, employees leave the workplace late at night. So, there are no specific working hours.

Some companies wrongly impose responsibilities on employees, which is an alarming sign of overworking. Most managers also online call meetings and stuff. They demand time and effort from employees when they are off-duty. 

How to Prevent Overworking?

Overworking is very toxic, and sometimes it’s hard to eliminate it. Well, we are here with some ways to prevent yourself from overworking.

Learn to Say “NO”

You have to say “NO” to specific people and particular tasks. You should know your work responsibilities. So, if someone imposes duties beyond your key responsibilities, say “NO.” 

Ensure Work-life Balance

Your personal life is as important as your work life. So, keep a perfect balance between your work, personal and social life. Work-Life balance will keep you away from overworking.

Encourage More Teamwork

Please recognize the difference between your responsibilities and team tasks. Stay calm with the duties that are the responsibility of the entire team. Ensure fair task distribution among team members to prevent everyone from overworking.

Take Breaks

Continuous work can destroy your mental and physical health. It is essential to schedule some necessary breaks between your working hours. You can sit and relax during break time to prevent yourself from overworking at work.

Exercise and Hobbies

You must have some hobbies, right? Give your time to those hobbies and try to do activities other than work. Exercise is also a healthy activity to relax your mind and muscles. When you start making time for yourself, you can get rid of overworking.

Key Takeaways

Overworking can ruin your physical and mental health. It is crucial to identify and prevent overworking before it’s too late. So, we have listed some signs of overworking and some ways to avoid overworking at work.

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