11 Effective Tips for Hiring on a Tight Deadline

Tight Deadline

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Many activities happen side by side in an organization. It seems complicated to manage daily tasks along with urgent hirings, right?

Interviews, shortlisting and selecting a perfect person is a time taking process. But an organization can do these tasks instantly by following some strategies. Management doesn’t need to interrupt their daily tasks to hire employees. They can manage to hire employees on tight deadlines through the following tips.

Informal Hiring Process

Some organizations think an ideal recruitment process is a formal process. But a company can also follow its recruitment standards in the informal hiring process. 

Give ads in newspapers and then take initial interviews, shortlisting, and final interviews. 

If a company needs the hirings on a tight deadline, then, A company can do it informally by asking other employees if they know someone who can fulfil specific job requirements. Managers can ask their social circle, friends and family to find the perfect employee for a particular job.

Organizations can follow these methods on tight deadlines.

  • Organizations can ask other employees to suggest someone perfect for the job.
  • Update on social media about the vacant seat in the company.
  • Make announcements in training sessions about the vacant seat. Management can also hire someone who seems good in question-answer sessions in any seminar.

Follow Pre-planned Things

The recruitment process can become more straightforward if the human resource management teamwork on a pre-planned approach. Ask your team to write the details about each position in your organization and share them on the company profiles. 

Companies could use social media platforms like LinkedIn profiles and official websites for this purpose. So a piece of content is always ready for the organization. The organization just needs to make some changes according to the requirements. 

Each time the organization hires an employee on a tight deadline, they can simply post this content with minor changes. 

Involve Employees

Ask your employees to share the job posting in the relevant groups. Ask them to share the job ads with different groups and social media platforms. Also, give instructions to employees about the vacant position and job requirements. So they could easily find someone perfect for the job. In this way, an organization can get more applications and select an ideal employee.

Current employees can help in test sessions for job applicants. After hiring a person, employees should support a new employee to understand the organization’s culture. And in this way, the new employee will be easily adjusted in the company. Then he could make maximum efforts in the relevant job. 

Temporary Hiring

Generally, an organization has 24 days to hire an employee. But if a higher position is vacant, the organization could need more time to hire a perfect employee. After all, a company’s management, policies and daily activities depend upon how they manage it. 

So an employee for a higher position should be hired carefully. Then, what to do? If an organization has to hire on short notice. Organizations can simply hire an employee temporarily and meanwhile continue the recruitment process to hire a permanent employee. 

They can choose like a freelancer on Upwork or fiverr if a job could be done remotely. Otherwise, they can hire someone temporarily until they find a perfect employee.

Schedule Hiring Activities

Divide the whole process into subparts. Make a schedule of the recruitment process. And daily give some hours to the recruitment process. Involve employees in this process by separating eligible candidate applications from non-eligible applications, hearing applicants’ calls and giving them interview dates. 

Do the recruitment process as teamwork, and at the end, higher management could do final interviews to make salary discussions and discuss final job requirements.

Hire Recruitment Team

The organization should hire a recruitment team. Giving ads about vacant positions will be their headache, collecting applications, shortlisting candidates, and taking interviews. There should be a recruitment team in every organization. 

Suppose there will be a separate recruitment team. Then the team will be continuously working on posting content-related jobs and the organization’s culture. They will also manage to have some backup employees. In this way, organizations can handle hirings on tight deadlines.

Standardize Recruitment

Each position differs from the others, and job requirements are also different for each job. But the recruitment process is similar, and many stages of the recruitment process are the same. If you standardize the recruitment process, it will become easier to hire an employee. 

Whenever you need an employee, you can follow a standardized recruitment process. You can also make templates and test questions. These templates could be helpful for each recruitment process. So, organizations must have some pre-planned ideas. In case of emergency hiring, you can use a pre-planned hiring process.

Shortlist Early

Suppose you receive hundreds of applications after a job posting. Then, you have to shortlist candidates at the early stages. So you don’t have to manage hundreds of candidates at each step of the recruitment process. 

If you shortlist ten people, you just need to conduct interviews with ten candidates. But if you don’t filter at the early stages, you have to handle hundreds of candidates at each step, from tests to interviews. So, Filter the things in the early stages. In this way, you can crop up the recruiting process. 


Large-scale organizations usually have backup employees if an old employee wants to leave for a month or a few months. And if employees leave without informing. Then you could use the backup employees. These employees could also be temporarily hired when the workload is increased. 

Some organizations want employees in a specific season. For example, the sale of clothes increased in the Christmas season. So cloth manufacturing units need more employees within this particular season. Usually, freelancers are hired as backup employees. The backup employees could be used at the time of need.

Specify the Criteria

Once you specify the criteria for a particular position, you will get only a few applications that fit the job. Specific criteria will help the candidates to understand what is expected from them? Candidates will only apply if they can fulfil your expectations. So, you should post the ads for jobs with specific details. 

You should also specify the interview questions. When you ask particular questions, you will find the perfect person. It will simplify your recruiting process. 

Structured Questions

When time is short, try to make use of the structured questions. That means you don’t have to ask different questions from every candidate. You just want to make a list of questions before the interviews. After which, you will keep asking them about each candidate. 

Evaluating the answers to structured questions is also easier than evaluating answers to different questions. 

Structured interviews and tests make it easier for the organization to judge candidates. Shortlisting process and selection process become very easy.


Organizations can hire employees on tight deadlines if organizations follow the right strategies. An organization should be ready for any changes. 

Organizations should make strategies to tackle tight deadlines. An organization can adopt a particular approach or multiple approaches concerning its requirements.

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