Best Ways to Welcome New Team Members to the Company

New Team Members

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Just imagine for a while you got a new job at a company. You will be pretty worried about your first day and must expect a great welcome from the staff. The onboarding process and knowing a company culture takes work. The entire team needs to get into employee engagement to give an excellent onboarding experience to the new member. Likewise, every person wants to be greeted and welcomed better. This article will discuss a few exciting ways to welcome new team members to your company.


Why is it important to welcome new members to the company?

A business owner or manager must ensure that a new member fits the company well. A new company member needs time to adjust according to the surroundings and circumstances. A proper welcome makes a new member feel happy and valued. It motivates him to work in a better way and get adjusted quickly to a new environment. The positive experience may include any innovative ideas, including gift cards, nice office supplies, some personal touch to the office area, a handwritten note, or any such gesture. 

Inform your Staff Timely

Your staff needs to know that you have hired a new person and some information about them. It is really important to tell your staff members beforehand. Definitely, no one wants to enter a new place and get awkward reactions from people. 

Allow them to Start Later than Usual

Mostly, the new members reach the office early, and then they get bored thinking about what to do and how to do it. Give them a specific time to come on the first day you are free to talk to them, so they feel valued and welcomed.

Set their Desk

Imagine an employee wandering here and there because there is nos specific spot for him. It will make him feel bad on the first day. So, it is better to prepare beforehand, so the employee knows where to sit. Moreover, it is also recommended to clear the belongings of old employees. The senior employee may have left things messy so that it will give a wrong impression of your company. 

Don’t create trouble for the new employees by getting them to visit all departments for their official emails, system, chat system, etc. it is better to place all the account details on the desk before the new employee comes.

Arrange a Welcome Kit

A welcome kit is great for welcoming new employees and making them feel valued. It shows that you value your employees. It is better to gift something with brand logos, like cups, caps, lunchboxes, water bottles, notepads, pens, etc., for the remote employees, and you can design the online cards to welcome the new employee in a good way.

Assign an Office Employee

You may need help entertaining the new employee for a whole day as a business owner. Moreover, the new employees feel uncomfortable with the bosses. It is better to assign someone from the same role to stay with the new employee and guide him about what he needs to know. Having an old office employee gives room for the new employee, who can ask questions and clears first-day confusion. 

Keep the Start of days the Introduction Day.

Assigning work to new employees as they step into the office is not a good thing to do. You should let them feel comfortable in the new environment and be informal in the first few hours of the first day. You should introduce them to colleagues, so they know about different positions and employees already working in the company. Get them to meet the HR department, where they can clear confusion regarding salary, absentees, attendance, vacations, etc.

An office Tour

This is something really important. A new employee needs to know all about the office building. Someone from the previous employees can help him visit the office and know about all the rooms like the Manager, HR, canteen, etc.

Celebration after a year 

Just like birthdays and anniversaries, you can celebrate the ONE-YEAR employment of any employee in your company. Everyone can share their views about that employee on that day, eat and drink something together to recall good memories. 

Breakdown the Work

Burdening the new employee with all tasks on the first day can get him into depression. You should break down things for the new employee and tell him everything systematically. Suggest a new employee make notes to retain the information.

Ask Other Employees

Every person once was new and joined the company for the first time. You can ask them about their welcome experience to design new rules for the new employees regarding the things new people want to know on their first day. 


It may seem petty daily for you and your team members, but welcoming new members means the world to him. New person a new employee needs attention and time to understand the office environment and his tasks. A manager needs to give a new employee time to adjust to a new environment. 

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