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Interior design is subjective in nature, and no one can be objective about it. Professional designers in the design industry vary from each other in terms of the design process and other such features.  For instance, if a class of 10 people took the same course in interior design, they all will decorate a room in 10 different ways. This article will highlight a few essential free online courses for interior designers to take maximum benefit.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Principles of Design

Isn’t it a blessing to get a free online course from a prestigious university? It offers a virtual class experience of interior designing courses for everyone. This course provides a comprehensive knowledge of basic design concepts. 

This course covers different topics related to the presentation, design history, lighting, and much more. This course does not guarantee a certificate in the end, but a person can learn lots of information from interior design experts.

DecoratingStudio: Design Fundamentals

This website provides the best ideas for home decor. You can entirely change the look of your own house or get lots of new ideas from this website. It contains text and image-based interior designing online courses. 

This website offers all the basics for a novice to enter into the world of interior designing ranging from color scheme to furniture, living room to the perfect guest room, etc. each course is packed with some exercises which give you time to come up with your own ideas too.

BetterHomes: Practical Guides

Betterhomes is a one-stop shop for interior design. This website offers super amazing stuff. You will find practical inspiration and professional tips on this website. There are separate sections for each aspect of interior design. 

The website contains all forms of content – text, audio, video, etc. You can go for any content based on your learning abilities. Every person interested in interior design will find lots of relevant stuff on this website.

HGTV Design 101: Keep Up to Date With Styles

This is a treasure house of the interior designing world. By the end of each page, a user finds the recommended articles, videos, images, and slideshows that help him dive deep into the ocean of creativity and inspiration. The photo inspiration tab of HGTV also provides instant and cool ideas for decor. 

Coco Kelley: Fresh Takes on the Classics

This place never lets you get out without learning something great. After visiting Coco Kelley, you will decorate and entirely change your room. This website will work wonders for you if you are a visual learner.

This blog takes you into the beautifully carved walls, wonderfully decorated homes, hotels, restaurants, and other places through the lens of expert photographers. Each picture describes its own story.

Howcast: Interior Design Basics

The free online courses by Howcast are brilliant if you want to step into the world of interior design. It pours lots of new and creative ideas for decoration purposes. Every video on this website has something to offer, like advice or a lesson. 

You can create a perfect bedroom by staying within your budget and room size. By the end of the courses offered by this website, you may not be an expert, but you should still be equipped with the basics of color contrast and home decor dealings. 

YouTube: Interior Design Sketch Courses

In order to be a pro in interior designing, drawing, and sketching, you can always rely on these courses on Youtube. YouTube offers a variety of courses where you can learn different tips and techniques.  It offers a lot of information on drawing techniques by focusing on intricacies too. You can be an expert using Youtube Videos because you will get hold of sketching a room by hand. 

Houzz: A Decor Community

Houzz has a massive community of 35 million people who help you in remodeling and redesign your home. It is a large, visually oriented website with a great number of curated interior design photos. This website gives you a lot of inspirational ideas. The blog on this website covers case studies, designing topics, tours, and well-designed home images and videos. 

The Furnitureco Blog: Decor

Decor involves different aspects, from colors to furniture, structure, wall paint, etc. This interior design course helps you in giving a touch-up to your home in less time. This website offers several colors, styles, accessories, and other things. 

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