How to Book An Appointment With A Client?

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Do you face difficulties in booking appointments with clients? No worries! Many of us face such challenges due to certain reasons. Here you can find the simple process to book appointments that can help you to book more appointments. 

Later in the article, we have piled up some ways to book an appointment and tips to book appointments with clients effortlessly. It will help you if you are a beginner or you usually fail to book appointments and eventually lose your clients.

The process of Booking an Appointment

Don’t complicate yourself with the lengthy appointment booking process. Trust me! It could be efficiently done in 4 simple steps. 


Don’t forget to greet your client. Your client is possibly busy when you approach them. So, to get their attention, you must greet them. 

Then introduce yourself with a simple sentence. Your introduction will catch the client’s focus if they are busy with something else. 

You can also develop a connection if you have already met the person somewhere but try to be specific and don’t lose focus on the purpose of approaching the client. Just like,

“Good Afternoon Sir Smith,

I am John, and I am the marketing representative of ABC company. I have witnessed your achievements as I randomly met you in the annual Business award ceremony”.


It would help if you directly came to a point after greeting your client. Keep your tone specific and pleasant to give an impression that it is for the benefit of both parties.

Try to obtain an appointment by making it obvious that it will happen because it is crucial. For example;

“I approached you to get your 30 to 35 minutes to discuss the marketing campaign details that will directly impact the profit ratio of your business”.

We will choose a time of more than 20 minutes to make them realize that it is a critical discussion. It will seem ordinary and unimportant if you say that you will discuss it in 5 to minutes.


After describing the purpose, discuss whether your client is up for a meeting or not. Try to pursue it engagingly.

You have to be flexible when discussing the time because the time should be suitable for both parties to have a healthy discussion. 

For example:

“Should we make a call at 6 pm on Monday or 11 am on Monday?”

In some cases, instead of answering, they will ask you questions like, What is it exactly about? or From which company do you belong?

You have to repeat the process in this situation and give clear and specific answers to their questions like:

“As I told you, I am John from ABC company.”

You will surely get an appointment with a clear and confident attitude. 

Final Words

Don’t forget to say final words because final words sound like professional conversation and leave a good impression on the client.

For example:

“Thank you for your time. See you on Monday at 6 pm”. 

“Thank you! I hope we will have a long-term work relationship.”

Ways to Book An Appointment

Choose a suitable way to book appointments. You should analyze your work requirements and your client’s position before selecting a way to book an appointment.

Phone Call

Making an appointment over the phone is very common, and it has some clear advantages. You can develop a connection with clients that enables you to create a sense of association. 

You can also adjust your tone and words by analyzing the client’s attitude over a phone call. However, don’t forget to note the conversation’s details right after making a phone call to avoid any inconvenience. 


Email is an effective way to book appointments, and it helps you to save the meeting details simultaneously. 

Even after a phone call, most clients ask you to send meeting details by email. However, ensure that the client’s email address is under their use. Sometimes, an email address gets old as the user creates a new one for specific reasons.

Use Scheduling Software

You can book appointments by using scheduling software. Scheduling software allows the users to check the client’s availability. You can send a meeting invite, and the relevant information will be automatically stored in scheduling software.

You can integrate your scheduling software with meeting platforms for your convenience. You can also send meeting links to clients simultaneously.

Tips for Booking Appointment

If you want to book the appointments successfully, you must adopt some tips and strategies. 


Your text should be neither too short nor too long but convey your purpose successfully. Long emails are usually left in mid due to a shortage of time. The writer usually exaggerates or loses focus on the main point in long texts.

Very Small texts can not deliver the purpose and fail to engage the client due to unclear and incomplete information. 

So whether you are making a call or an email, try to be comprehensive and appropriately deliver all the necessary details.


Try to keep your tone engaging. If you are sending an email, make paragraphs and highlight the necessary details, and If you are making a call, you should keep your tone polite and professional. 


You should convince your client with a polite and engaging tone but don’t lose your confidence. Avoid repeating the words like please, sorry etc. Thus Keep in mind that the appointment will not just affect you positively, but it is for the benefit of both parties.

You Attitude

While writing a text or making a call try to keep You-attitude; You-attitude means “to put the reader’s needs first”; that is how clients will have benefits from the appointment and its aspects. It will help you develop the reader’s interest in the meeting. 


Whether making phone calls or email, always say clear and comprehensive statements. You should clearly deliver the purpose of the appointment. Avoid writing vague words; otherwise, the client will get confused and possibly the client will not reply.

Flexible Tone

Don’t try to implement your thoughts on your client. For example, the meeting time should be mutually decided. Ask questions from your clients and let them participate in the conversation equally. Keep your tone flexible while sharing your thoughts with clients.

Develop Association

Formal attitudes work at certain times, but sometimes, we should be informal in our conversations to make things work. You should develop a sense of association with the clients, especially if the client is friendly and behaves informally.

Add Closing Remarks

Don’t forget to greet and add closing remarks at the end. Even if you failed to make a deal try to add a comment like “I hope we will work together in future”. It will make your text professional and ethical.

Final Thoughts

Try to make things simple and easy for yourself and follow the abovementioned strategies. Try to analyze the situation and the client’s attitude and act accordingly. You will surely start getting positive responses from your clients. 

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